Thursday, December 20, 2007

After Party

This year I just wanted to celebrate my birthday quietly. Had a nice dinner with friends on Sunday and thought that would be it. Then I heard a rumor about a potential "surprise" get-together on Monday, my actual birthday. I tried to discourage it. Then I thought, okay, just a couple of people. Well, the music was turned up loud, and we scandalized the neighbors (in a nice respectful way, of course ...) and had a really great time.

So thanks to John, Curtis, Victor, Kenny, Patricio, Natja, Michael, Melvin, Edward, Byron, Richard, Jose, Gerardo, Mark, Ruddy, Bernard, Drew, Joseph, Elvis, Joel, Jean, Henry, Dana, Merrick, and anyone else who stopped by and I forgot to mention.

I would publish the pictures, but you know the old saying, "what happens in the Dominican Republic, stays in the Dominican Republic."

Instead, I will post pictures from freelance photographer, Ricardo Muniz. This is what I want my next party to be like. Ricardo is a NYC-based photographer who will be sharing some of his work in the future with our blog. He can be reached at

There is so much going on, and so much I want to say, but ... I will wait.

As ever,
The Monaga Blogger

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Anonymous said...

So glad friends got together to celebrate your birthday! I could not leave for the office without commenting on the guy in the last pic (the one in the red and orange bathing suit). He is sooo cute, fine body, and seems so full of energy and just radiates positive vibrations! His attitude is like, "Hey World! Look at me!" I love it!
From Puerto Rico,