Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Subtropical Storm Olga

Red alerts are going out over the island. The storm doesn't seem that powerful, but a lot of rain (to an already soaked landscape) could be disastrous for many parts of the country. In the Southwest of the country, 90% of crops were reported to be destroyed by Tropical Storm Noel.

Let's pray for the best!

Update @ 11:56am Tuesday: Not much to report. Gray skies with intermittent showers. So far, so good. More later.

Update @ 6:46pm Tuesday: Rain, rain, and more rain. Not much wind.

Update @ 7:41am Wednesday: Rained all last night. Lots of flooding. Not raining now, just overcast. Could it be clearing up? According to news reports all should be cleared up by this evening. Click here for Satellite image and here for news report.

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the Allen gallery said...

Hey Ant, please keep updating the blog with reports.. I'm getting mixed signals of where the storm is.

You doing ok down there?