Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ernest Montgomery Photoshoot

Ernest Montgomery is working on a coffee-table book of photos of the beautiful men from around the world he has photographed. On his trips here he sometimes allows me to tag along. I'm in charge of oiling the bodies down just so. It's a hard job, but then someone HAS to do it.

See if you can tell which model I liked best?


EricRD said...

Beautiful guys!!Oh my God, where I can find one of them or all of them...

G in SF said...

Hola Anthony:

Let me be the first to guess. Knowing your penchant for bad boys, I'd guess #2. He's certainly my favorite....the pose, the look, the SHORTS.

See you soon in SDQ!

G in SF

Anonymous said...

OMG! Such a hard life for you in the Dominican Republic. I'd go for the one in the black Undergear briefs. He must have be subscribed to their catalog... He looks sooo yummy!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said... work too hard...why dont u let me help? If u just pour the baby oil i can rub down the bodies for you..Its time to take it easy on yourself. Wink Wink

Anonymous said...

If you dont want #2, I will take him. there is something huge swinging in that underwear.

T-D Moderator said...

Let's see...I'll take number 1,3,6,12 and oh yes, the guy in the video.