Monday, March 24, 2008


How was your weekend?

Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Latin America is a very big deal. It is a time when everyone goes to resorts, visits family, and generally try and have a good time. It seemed as if the whole of Dominican Republic went on vacation at the same time.

Nice & quiet.

Here are some photos from this past Saturday on the beach in Cabarete.

Here is a link to a great article about the state of the Dominican Republic Gay scene. Yours truly is quoted.


CLOAKED said...

Hey Anthony thanks for the Post! its good to see a place where its nice and hot! unlike DC its 34 degrees. See you soon!

Dave from RI said...

I second that! - Anthony what are you doing? - Everytime you post pictures of the great sites in the Dominican Republic including pictures of the Hot Guys it makes me log off your website and logon to American Airlines and Book my next trip! - Thank you Thank You. I just booked a trip for May 17th. See you soon.

PS - These people are friggin HOT!

Anonymous said...

Just recently came across your blog. I was thinking i needed to come next time for carnival but now i might want to come for easter.

So glad i found you. Continue to do what you do. As someone who lives in Minnesota and who hates the snow, this looks so inviting.


Anonymous said...

What a smile on this handsome man in photo # 6 !!!Phew!! That took my breath away,makes me want to go down there tommorow.
I read the very interesting article on Dominican Republic Gay.I was brought up catholic but seen the hypocricy practiced by some of the clergy. They preach hell and damnation about homosexuality and fornication, and behind closed doors, practice the same act. Cardinal Rodriguez said take them all away? He would be surprised of the numbers that would be taken away from the church.I've heard some quite juicy gossip about some of them. But then again...what do i know?..Im just the 174 pound homosexual in the room.

Chet said...

The people are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, Again, you did not fail us but increased our desire to return to Santo Domingo in the very near future.The men are just so sexy and hot plus the people are really attractive along with the beautiful beaches, so inviting .Your so lucky in so very many ways.Hope you had a Great Easter and from the photo's you surely did.Until next time.Be safe. Jim from Houston