Monday, March 31, 2008

Traveling Savages?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did. A great friend from England came to visit and boy if these walls could talk. Anyway, thank God for the British Pound. It is truly a wonderful thing. It is DOUBLE the dollar, so any visitor here from England can really have a good time.

Unfortunately, I have been hearing more rumblings about the different hotels and some of the gay visitors. The Caribe Colonial has now imposed a $35 fee for overnight visitors. It seems they had a group come stay recently, and they caused such a commotion that other guests checked out the next day. There was loud music, guys walking around in their underwear and knocking on other guests doors, among the many other transgressions I heard about.

There is such a disgust about some (I repeat, some) gay visitors, that many hotels are seriously considering a NO GUEST policy for EVERYONE. Do you see how just a few stupid, ignorant motherfuckers can fuck it up for everyone.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist and think that I'm talking about them. Just ask yourself, do I act like a savage when I travel to the Dominican Republic? Do I respect the country and its people? Because if you do act like a savage when visiting, with no respect for the country or its people, then YES, I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!!!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Until soon,
The Monaga Blogger


Anonymous said...

Man, Anthony, I swear, sometimes when I'm in Santo Domingo, I can just point out the idiotic Americans that aren't used to traveling anywhere, let alone outside of the country. They act as if they are the only ones in the whole damned city and as if their actions are not being noticed. I think some come with the arrogance of America, thinking that their citizenship makes them omnipotent and the fact that most people aren't fluent in English, that their words and actions do not affect those that can hear and see them.

We all love the Dominican Republic. In reality, there's not much you can do in the DR that you can't do here in the US, minus walking around the streets with a drink in your hand. You can still visit beaches, get picked up on by married men and men with girlfriends, and still buy the American version of bugarones.

The problem is, people get to that country and lose their fucking minds. They know damned well they don't just grab on a man's dick out in public around families and children, but when they get to DR, they do it. The same can be said for those that run guests in and out of their hotels, share their hotel keys with friends that aren't even staying at the hotel so their friends can run dates in and out, and there are a select devious and disgusting few that prey on the shoe-shine boys. I hate to say this, but I really would like to see a few of them made an example of so there can be a rude awakening for those inconsiderate and unruly travelers. They are really going to end up fucking up the joys of the country with their antics. Behavior like this is what proves the anti-gay Cardinals and Politicians of the country right; and it's also what acts as a catalyst for their anti-gay legislation and restrictions. Curfew, anyone?

Nena Nuyorican said...

No matter what, those who are "savage" "crazy" "queens gone wild" don't care they just want to be "scandalous" so they think~and some of the bugarrons do help the "queens gone wild" with the craziness. I witnessed that at one of the hotels last summer.

It only hurts the devoted visitors/tourists not the "queens gone wild"

Unfortunately, those who work in the hotels don't try to differentiate between the two groups (the respectful gay tourist vs. the queens gone wild tourist.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that first poster!! And this is why I seek accomadations off the beaten path. I cannot tolerate the antics of the ugly American, or should I say ugly Black Gay American! It also occured to me that the shenanagins mostly happen among those groups that come down. There seems to be some sort of competition amongst them as to who can score the biggest or the most, and ALL the rules go out of the window. I also was witness to a shoeshine boy pick up..DISGUSTING. On a positive note thank you for the Monday Dominican Papis, a variety of loveliness with something for every taste!

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is a lot of these guys are closeted back in the states. When they get down here, they DO lose their minds over the beauty, and because they're basically anonymous travelers they act out in ways they WOULD NEVER DARE back home. Not for nothing, but many of these queens seem to come from the South, though the North represents it's ugliness as well to a lesser degree.

Drunken, nasty, over the hill queens with a few bucks between them, half a brain between them, and some drinks between them can fuck it up for everybody. Drunken, silly queens marauding through the Conde like a pack of hungry jackals. Pathetic.

As one poster said and I agree to stay off the beaten path where these jerks don't go. One block off the conde is probalby far enough since most of them don't even have the sense to learn the language and explore the city.

Hopefully their behaviour won't ruin it for everyone, but unfortunately it is what it is.