Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's See ...

The Dominican election is this Friday. Everyone is gets off work at noon on Thursday, to get ready to vote. No work resumes until after 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Hopefully, everything will go off without incident. The government has stopped all alcohol sales 24 hours before the election, until Saturday morning. The polls are showing the incumbent, Leonel Fernandez, to be enjoying a comfortable lead. He should garner 50% in the first round, so there won't be any need for a runoff.

Some rather distressing news has been spreading around. An ex-pat, Bart, who comes from Belgium, is reported to have committed suicide by hanging himself. I know he seemed to be having problems in the last year and was acting very erratically when I would see him. No other information as yet, just he was found and that he hung himself. I don't know how thorough the investigation will be, but I hope there wasn't any foul play involved. If I get more information I will pass it along.

For those looking for luxury and exclusivity, then look no further than Cap Cana. Reviews are starting to pop up on the internet and so far, so good.

The Tony Awards were announced in New York city. The show with the most nominations (13!) is called, "In The Heights." Set in the Washington Heights section of New York city, and with music written by and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to read about Bart. I first met him at 8 Puertas bar. He seemed quite happy and with lots of energy. During other visits, I saw him at Casa Newyorker. The last conversation I had with him, he was planning to start a hotel. Oh well!

Dave in SF

Anonymous said...

Just a FYI.

Craig P said...

Bart was very depressed at the end. He and I had daily chat sessions online and he was becoming more and more despondent. He had a bad down turn in his business, no money to pay his mortage and was at risk of being evicted from the building he bought to renovate to a hotel. All of these pressures plus looseing his passport and unable to leave the DR, well, he just buckled. I spent a lot of time with him this past winter at his building, which he couldn't afford to finish, couldn't afford to pay the mortage, couldn't afford the elec. bills. His last communications with me said: no job, no money, shortly no plallace to live, no passport. I see no way out. I never heard from him again.
sad, very sad,
craig poole

Anonymous said...

It’s very sad to hear what happened to Bart Callebaut, a young man who was 33 years old. His past was too much for him to deal with. I new Bart very well from when I had Echo Puertas (8 Doors), a bar in Santo Domingo. Bart was looking for love and all that landed in is lap, were those problems of the street. Alcohol, drugs and depression consumed his every day life for many years. I had problems with Bart a few months ago and so did the local police. Some of my closes friends were aware of this at the time. I don’t believe this is time or the forum to dwell on this. However I would hope that we could learn something from this.

We as a group, spend too much time at Parco’s trying to elevate ourselves by spreding false rumors and incorrect information. And enjoying the misfortunes of others. We need to spread some goodwill to those who live and work in DR. We could use that. Those who visit, have known idea what it is like to live hear or to do business hear. We don’t have friends, neighbors, relatives and resources to help us in the time of need. With all the problems Bart was dealing with, I wish he could have found some other alternative. Bart tried very hard to open a hotel in the Colonial Zone. But the politics, the corruption, the economy, labor issues, and his unwillingness to take advice from others, added to this dilemma.

DR is a very difficult place, to lay ones hat down. Before you move here, before you invest here, spend some time here. Ask the locals that live and work here what are the issues. Be very careful of those who will walk you down the wrong pathway, in the name of false love.

Dana Murphy
May 18, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, I read in todays Local/newspaper that President Leonel Fernandez was reelected again to the Presidenta office once again,with 54% of the vote. How nice, maybe he shall be able to conti with the inprovements he has been trying to make while he serves the people of Santo Domingo Has there President and leader. Now maybe he can also consider some money towards some type of Health care Policy and aid to the Education Dept.May God give him the insight and strength to do the right thing for his people.JIM from Houston,Tx.