Monday, June 16, 2008

Hola Monday

Above are new "kiosks" in Santiago that are being used for 1 hour sex sessions. The cost is RD$90 pesos ($2.60 U.S.).

The Broadway musical, In The Heights, won the Tony Award for best musical last night. Congrats!

I am trying to find out when the next Mr. Republica Dominicana is going to take place. I believe it should be shortly. In the meantime, here is a beautiful Dominican man who should compete. Don't you think?

Is the Dominican Republic the world's most dodgiest holiday destination? According to this article, it is.

The oil crisis is affecting the airline industry. In turn, it is creating upheaval for travel to the Caribbean. Many are growing concerned about the potential economic consequences. Click here for more information


Anonymous said...

It's that hotel food that's given the Dominican Republic a bad rap. You see, that's why I stay at Anthony's when I visit, Anthony ain't cooking a thing for you. (LOL)

CLOAKED said...

Curio comment had me ROFL!

Nothing like good old Southern Grits & Eggs with Country Sausage or Fish & Grits, in the morning at Anthony's free of charge!

Anonymous said...

Here's what ImTranslator came up with on the link about the kiosks ("cabanas" in Santo Domingo).

The bit about "rapid leakage" had me LOL!!!

"The famous kioskitos have turned into a sexual rapid leakage due to the big economic crisis through that the country lives. high costs of hotels and huts do of that lovers, fiancés, unbelievers give themselves an appointment rapidly and like his sexual cravings of a form more esconomica 90 pesitos it is the cost of minimal consumption for a beer where you can spend the night for 1 hour in this type of establishments and enjoy his couple in view of the day."

Anonymous said...

I don't know what these little huts were originally built for, but I hope that it was not just for quickie sex. The DR already has a reputation of being THE sex capital of the Caribbean and this news does nothing to minimize that concern from authorities and Dominicans in general. Around here, when anybody says that he is going to the DR to attend a conference or a convention, people around him just roll their eyes, smirk, or elbow each other.
Like, "Yeah, sure. A conference... Who do you think your fooling?"
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Well, I do like the translator's language better. Rapid leakage? Well, what can you do in one hour, eh?

Anonymous said...

I would take the beautiful man to the kiosk and pay double. Can you introduce us anthony? LOL.

Nena Nuyorican said...

Rafael (wink) oh yeah the DR has a reputation for sex??? CONO!

I would definitely make reservations if they had one in the capital/zona colonial/gazcue or even boca chica....! Jay Dees is more expensive than an hour there........!I'll take 2 hrs, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Rafael, you can go to the Cabanas on GW Blvd. on the western side of town. You drive right in to them and the door closes behind you.

But maybe you know this already (Smile)!