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Cabarete has always been an undiscovered treasure in the Dominican Republic. Quietly, it is also becoming a place where Gay tourists are starting to venture in increasing numbers.


The young vibe is a draw. The different water activities are luring many people from around the world. It also has a great nightlife. The beach becomes an outdoor club at night with all the bars and music. The possibilities for excursions are endless. You are close to Puerto Plata, Sosua, Rio San Juan and the Samana region.

Cabarete is less than a half-hour from Puerto Plata airport. It is a 4 hour drive from Santo Domingo, and about 1 1/2 hours fromn Santiago.

On your next visit to the Dominican Republic, consider stopping by Cabarete.


Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, now I have it on my list of must see places to see in the DR.

Anonymous said...

I went there in May and was very disappointed (from a gay-related persepctive). Yes, the beaches are beautiful and the music, water activities, etc. BUT, the "gay area/hotels" known as Jardin de Deportivo was downright dreadful--I mean scary. I went there with my godfather and we had planned on staying the night, but we had dinner, walked on the beach and left, after looking for the "gay angle." Yes, I know, in the DR, Santo Domingo is pretty much the only place that has a notable "angle" per se, but online, there are several hotels listed in Cabarete that are supposedly gay-owned or gay-oriented. We went there. They are all closed except one, and it was awful. Some straight woman offered to "rent" us her nephew for sex, and we were grossed out by the whole seedy nature of it all. I would recommend going there for the beach, for the water sports, and such. But if you are looking for a "gay vacation" of any kind, forget it. Go to Santo Domingo instead.

ex_pat said...

I will be in Santo Domingo for three weeks in August and I'm looking for an excursion other than Boca Chica. Can anyone recommend any websites relating to Cabarete? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I went there one time and spent the longest 3 days in my life in a gay hotel.....seedy doesn't begin to describe the area ...the previous post that described it as scary is pretty is a place to stay away from.....whew.....never again!!

Anonymous said...

I have to concur with the last posts comments!! Cabarete is VERY dangerous! Lots of Drugs, addicts, Pick-Pockets, Corrupt Police, Kidnappings and MORE!!! Beware of Cabarete! You are 10 times more likely to get 'TURNED OUT' up there than in the Santo Domingo. In Santo Domingo at least in the Gay community everyone knows everyone.

Read the other Blogs. You'll see how many tourists are being killed, robbed, and stabbed up there between Sosua, and Cabarete!

Word to the wise DONT GO! One question...Have you (Mr. Monaga) ever spent anytime up in Cabarete? I can't imagine that you have being that you just said said nice things about Cabarete! You're kinda off the mark on this one. Do some home work next time, for the safety of your readers!

Take care.

Ronald James

Monaga said...

Okay, here goes.

Yes, I have been to Cabarete, and I liked it very much. The blog is about my thoughts of different places, and this is one that I highly suggest. As a matter of fact, I know some people who are there right now, and having a ball.

It seems that people went to Jardin Deportivo, which is NOT in Cabarete for the former (?) gay resorts that were there. And yes, I have heard about some horrible experiences some travelers have encountered.

But, if you read what I wrote very carefully you will see that I am recommending Cabarete and NOT any gay resort. I still stand behind what I wrote.

Bottom line, go for yourself and check it out and make up your own mind.

I did.

BDL G-Groups said...


Totally agree with you on Cabarete! I've been four times, and really love it as a quiet getaway from SD. Try Wilson's Guesthouse - run by a nice Canadian couple. The joint is located right on the beach, and they're a gay-friendly family who have owned/run it for 20+ years. They know the lay of the land, and love to make cocktail hour happen at their own bar on the back lawn overlooking the sea. Wireless internet. Shared kitchen upstairs. Electro & hot water are solar powered. - Brad

BDL G-Groups said...

Oops...well, it might be closed. I visited their website and it's no longer there. Stand by.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Cabarete sevaral times and it is a jumpnig place. locals will jump all over you to get your money

Anonymous said...

It was probably driven out of business by the pimps, thieves and drug addicts that have flooded Cabarete.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be any different than the pimps thieves and drug addicts running around Santo Domingo.

Obviously you got turned out in Cabarete and I can understand you hatin. I have been to Cabarete many times. Last time was easter week & we had a ball. Next time I will look for the pimps, thieves and drug addicts.


Anonymous said...

People, the island, that is the ENTIRE island is pimps, thieves, muggers, drug addicts... So what' so wrong?

LOL kidding... but it always give that edge to being down there, ya just never know... rental cars that just break down... pimps, thieves, tramps and thieves... it just adds to the excitement!!!!! Don't take it all so seriously... they don't :-)

Anonymous said...

Anthony and others......Can you tell us anything about Sosua? When I look at Vacation Rentals on DR1 or Google Vacation Rentals Sosua, I see some very attractive-looking places of various prices. The beaches also look nice. Does anybody know about that area?

As for the gay life, I've found that the DR boys are everywhere! You don't need a gay resort or gay hotel to find them. They'll flirt with you anywhere (example - La Bodega in Las Terrenas - what would be a straight bar in the USA). You just need to pick up on the flirt without being too obvious and see where it takes you. In the vacation areas, many of them know at least a little English.

As for thiefs, muggers, etc., you're going to find that everywhere in the world - the third world especially. Unfortunately, we're too often attracted by the macho-men with the swagger and we get more than we bargained for.

Anonymous said...

I was just in Cabarete for 6 days in June after staying at Camilo House for a very nice week in Santo Domingo. Sure, everyone in Cabarete tries to get you to shop at their place and the boys on the motorcycles are very annoying, trying to ioffer you rides for a few pesos. But if you stop and talk to these people and learn a little about them, you'll realize they ARE NOT thieves, pimps and prostitutes. They're just regular people like us and they're trying to make a living. There was ZERO crime in Cabarete and no hint of any crime. No corrupt police either. And I not only hung out on the main road, I went into the barrio to party with the Dominicans in their own places where the tourists avoid. Sadly, there was also no gay life to speak of. But for a beautiful beach, fun activities, laying around the pool and meeting other people, it's a great choice.

Anonymous said...

Cabarete !!! Isn't that where ...a few blogs ago, it was said that a British tourist had his penis slashed in his hotel room?.He said he was drunk and didn't know what had happened or something.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That has to hurt!

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

All the pimps thieves and hustler talk makes me wanna go more. Please, keep your straight-laced Mr. Nice Guy, the crafty sort are the one that get my juices going.

I wish I could fly down right this second.

Monaga said...

Sorry about the late response to Sosua. Sosua is close to both Cabarete and Puerto Plata. It has a beautiful beach. I have not been to Sosua in a while, since discovering Cabarete, but I would recommend it.

It has a large ex-pat community and many great villas to rent.

Sorry, I can't offer any more than that.

CabareteResident said...

Jardin Deportivo where Arcos is (was?) located is not a place I'd recommend to anyone. The hotel itself when first opened looked promising, but the area it is located in (3km from town) is old, rundown, not real close to the beach, and honestly dangerous.

Cabarete center - it's my home. I can't imagine where else I'd want to be. Cabarete is very open-minded & very little is frowned upon. Crime in town (as opposed to outlying areas) is virtually non-existent other than an occasional opportunistic pickpocketing puta.
For visitors... there are decent hotels directly in the center that are 2 minute walk from the beach and/or bars. Rooms are avail for as low as $20/night in some hotels with no a/c, $50-$60/night gets a decent room safe & secure in center of town. $120-$150/night can get you a 2 bed/2bath luxury apt or a nice room oceanfront. If you're rich - $300-$500 a night can get you a new virtual mansion of a condo with 3 or 4 bedrooms.
Cabarete's bars/discos are literally on the beach & open 7 nites a week 'til 2:30-3am unlike some other places.
Note restaurants are a little on the expensive side.
As for the men, well most are under 25 & many are gorgeous. Friday or Saturday night at Onno's, Bambu or Lax there are almost always some guys around that would be happy to talk to you. Whether they want to do more probably says more about you than them ;)
Anyhow, it's a super cool town with a great vibe. Super & not so super cool people invited to visit!

Foreigner said...

I’m just planning a two weeks trip in Dominican Republic in mid-September. From Punta Cana to Puerto Plata. I live in Europe and travel with my African-born boyfriend. We are free-minded and hope to meet local boys.

In Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, we’ll rest in all inclusive resorts.

But between, plan to spend a week or so in Santo Domingo and (perhaps…) in Cabarete.

I found information about gay life in Santo Domingo (Thanks, Monaga).

But very few info about Cabarete. And the information I found is very contradictory: the best and the worst !!!

So, I’m not sure what to do.

What about the hotels in Jardino deportivo? And The Hacienda? Are still open? Or too quiet in September? Dangerous?

Is it better to stay longer in Santo Domingo and only a couple of days in Cabarete city center? And then, where to find cute boys?

Or change my plan and visit Las Terrenas or Sosua?

Thanks for you recommendations.

cabareteresident said...

Forget Jardin Deportivo, please.

Cabarete, sure. Look at Cita del Sol if you're wanting to spend about $60/night on a room. Hotel Kaoba is another option in that price range - safe & in the center of everything. If you want to spend more or look at other options, check
Note: Sosua is only 15 minutes by taxi or guagua. You can stay in Sosua or Cabarete & enjoy both either at night or by day.