Monday, July 14, 2008


The Malecon in Santo Domingo on Sunday @ 5:43pm
Last night was the Miss Universe Pageant. In Latin America pageants are a very serious affair. As is usually the case, Latin America was the dominate region out of the final five contestants. Miss Venezuela won, but Miss Dominican Republic placed a very respectable 2nd runner-up. I was not feeling Miss Dominican Republic this year, but then what do I know. I was originally rooting for Miss U.S.A. (until she fell during the evening gown competition!), Miss South Africa and Miss Mexico. I was shocked when Miss Puerto Rico, a perennial pageant favorite, didn't make the cut. Heads will roll. Anyway, congrats to Miss Venezuela.

Next week is the real contest, Mr. Republica Dominicana bodybuilding contest. Those chicks don't want it. I can't wait!!!!!

I have gotten some great emails with information about credit card fraud, that I wrote about earlier. In one email a reader told me how after being the victim of credit card fraud several times (not solely in the D.R.), he decided to start using pre-paid debit cards when traveling. For those interested, you can click here for more information.

I usually get some strange requests, but then that is mostly from inquiring tourists. This is the first time that I have had a Dominican send me an email (with photos!), text messages and CONSTANT phone calls. I get some messages from Dominicans, but they are usually discreet. Either they live in the D.R., and want to ask questions. Or, they live outside of the country and want some info. But I have never met someone so, well direct. I am not going to put up the pictures he sent me, but you can see who he is by going on to his Hi5 page. He has his profile marked as private, so you must become his friend before you can see the photos. Happy hunting!

With the Olympics coming up it is time to get acquainted with some of the Dominican athletes who will be competing. In this case, re-acquainted. Checkout the video below for Felix Sanchez.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Me too!! She fell just like the bitch did last year...SABOTAGE!! But I was feeling Mexico and Venezela..Ms DR was well... yes dot, dot, dot DIANDRA

Anonymous said...

Why is Miss DR always so light complexioned. I see beautiful dark skinned women on the streets and in the restaurants all of the time...Every year....the same light skinned women.

Antonello said...

My friend miss world 2004 1st runner is Dominican and black (claudia cruz) Miss Earth 1st Runner up 2005 is black too (Amell Santana) and last Year Miss Dominican Republic Universe is black too!! (Massiel Taveras) ..and the first Miss Dominican Republic black girl was in 2002 named Ruth ocumarez. Massiel and Ruth didnt made the cut in the top 15 in the miss universe but Marianne Miss Dom. Rep. 2008, Renata Miss Dominican rep. 2005 and AMelia Vega miss Dom. Rep 2002 who becomed miss universe 2003 are white and made the cut..The problem is Miss Universe organization prefers the white dominican girls..
Miss Italy 1996 Denny Mendez is Dominican too was top 6 in Miss Universe 1997. our actual Miss world Dominican Rep is black too (Ada aime de la Cruz)..Miss Universe, Miss world, Miss earth and Miss International are the 4 more important pageants in the planet.

Antonello said...

Please tell us where and when is the mister Dominican Republic..AND THANKS U FOR UR NICE COMMENT ABOUT MY BLOG!!!!!