Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Another storm passing the island. There is another tropical depression/storm/hurricane passing beneath the island. August 15 to September 15, is the busiest month for hurricanes. As with most storms that pass our way, this one is headed to the States. Good luck!

This weekend was nice. There were many Gay tourists in town last week. Eukl
iptus was packed every night. Jay-Dee's had a nice crowd, and CHA was jumping as usual. It was even very festive in Parque Duarte on Saturday night, until the rain came. Jay-Dee's is now open on Sunday's.

The Olympics were sort of a disappointment to me. My favorite Olympic sport, Track & Field, had the Americans bumbling as if they didn't have decades of history to live up to. The Dominicans had their successes. Felix Diaz, a boxer, won gold and has really ignited Dominican pride. Congrats Felix! I have many other favorites like gymnastics, swimming, rowing and the best sport to watch (besides Track & Field), Men's Greco-Roman wrestling. Have you seen some of the Cuban athletes???

Last, but
notleast. Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee has endorsed John McCain. Yes, Daddy Yankee. Does anybody believe that John McCain knew who Daddy Yankee was? Maybe they will show some of his videos at the Republican National Convention. How can someone so cute be so misguided? Oh well. Democracy in action.

Dominican Electricity Blackouts

Dominican Republic Vice President has Dengue Fever


CLOAKED said...

Wassup Anthony! Vice President has Dengue Fever? wow that's not to be messed with I had a touch of that shit one of my trips there last year I hope he gets better. Now for Daddy Republican Yankee, is he out of touch? im going through my iTunes and deleting every song by him. thanks for the info see you in 2 days!

Anonymous said...

Sooo sad! McCain had to read from a little piece of paper to know who Daddy Yankee was when he introduced him. And they are supposed to be good friends... Yeah, right! Daddy Yankee's PR firm should be immediately fired. He's backing the WRONG candiadte. What was he thinking?!
From Puerto Rico,

TY said...

Hey Anthony
On a lighter note, heres to hopeing they still have the parade for Felix today with all the rain and what not. Oh yea the wireless in my room is working fabulous, you never cease to amaze me, I never even tried the wirelss and this is my what number staying with you!

Eddie said...

This is absolutely ridiculous! What the fuck does Daddy Yankee know about politics and running a country?! And what the fuck does McCain know about "Gasolina?!"

But on another note, I truly hope Barack hasn't fucked things up for the democratic party with snubbing Hillary. I sent the following email to Barack this morning:

I am really upset with Barack for not picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate. I am a registered democrat, and I will vote for Barack, but I truly hope he hasn't messed things up for the democratic party taking the presidency. What is he thinking?! And we all know that Hillary's "enthusiastic support" of Barack and Biden at the convention is all an act. Get real!

Anonymous said...

Anthony, Who is this Daddy Yankee anyway, guess I must be out of totch just like Shell shock McCain is.SMILE Despite my support for Obama ,I think he messed up big time for not selecting Hillary Clinton to be his running mate,instead of Joe Biden, not that I do not like Biden,(because I do)However, Hillary would had sealed the deal for him.Now it looks like he may lose his bid to become President do to the fall out(from the Hillary supporters) for his choice for V.P.At this point it does not look good but lets see what Hillary can do tonight (with her speech)to push her supporters his way.
Hope you all made it through the storm over there last night and today.Bless you all.Yes it's headed right towards us here in the gulf, that means Texas could be a direct hit, however lets hope not..SMILE.. Jim From Houston,Tx.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Yankee may know nothing about running a country but he still would know more that McCain. I bet Daddy Yankee knows how many houses he owns. If we dont elect Obama, we need to all have our asses kicked.

Anonymous said...

I wanna put my dick all the way up in Daddy Yankee RAW!! He's so cute. More seriously though its his American Right to endorse whom ever he wants. Do not loose sight of that people. As sad as it is there are millions of other Latinos that feel John McCain would be better than Obama. Although I have absolutly no idea why!

Isidro de Miami

Eddie said...

Anonymous said..."its his American Right to endorse whom ever he wants"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are a resident of Puerto Rico (meaning, not a resident of the U.S.), I don't think you can vote in the presidential election. And I think Daddy Yankee is a resident of P.R. So saying that it's "his right? to endorse doesn't make a whole lot of sense if he's endorsing someone he can't vote for!

But I could be wrong. Maybe he is a U.S. resident or maybe residents of P.R. can vote in presidential elections. Anyone know for sure about these things?

Anonymous said...

65% of the Hispanic vote is currently planning to vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

EDDIE there is a big difference between 'ENDORSMENT' and 'VOTING'
A 5 year old can make an endorsment, but that same 5 year old cant vote! Read the comments VERY carefully B4 trying to come off knowledgable. You totally twisted Isidro's point. EVERYONE has a right to endorse, but everyone doesnt have the right to vote! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!!!

Eddie said...

Thanks for sharing, anonymous, whoever you are. But I do know the difference between endorsement and voting. And before you try to read someone, start with hooked-on-phonics and learn to spell.

John K said...

Anthony, I'm glad you are okay post-Gustavo and that DR didn't get hit to hard. Keep posting, and let us know if you haven't already gotten your hands on one of the Italian Vogue *Black* issues, which are amazing. The reprints are out and going quickly. Speaking of Daddy Yankee's McCain-mania, some right-wing commentators are slamming *McCain* over it. (Of course they've already attacked Obama for receiving the support of Jay-Z, Ludacris, Kanye, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Children, please... Puerto Ricans can vote if they reside/live on the mainland U.S.A. My sisters live in Florida; they will vote for Obama. I live in Puerto Rico, I can't vote from here. Easy enough, isn't it?
From Puerto Rico,