Monday, September 22, 2008

¿Todo Bien?

Went out this past weekend. Not busy at all at Jay-Dee's on Friday. So, we decided to checkout what was happening at CHA. Pleasantly surprised. Saw Ms. Chachita and chewed the fat. Ran into many people I had not seen in a long time. The show was spectacular. I mean really great and professional. No strippers, which is what I was looking for. But, very good nonetheless. Went to Jay-Dee's on Saturday, and there was a nice crowd having a good time. The clubs can now choose to stay open an hour later on Friday or Saturday (they must choose which day) until 4am. Slowly relaxing the curfew. Well, we can hope at least.
A tropical depression is over Puerto Rico moving towards us. We are expecting some heavy downpours, but it is not expected to form into a tropical storm or hurricane until it possibly passes out. God willing. Not raining now, just overcast. Some estimates say arrivals to the Dominican Republic have dropped by 40% in the last month. Authorities attribute the decline to the storms and rain we had in the past month.

The video above is from a basketball game that ended in pandemonium.

This video is of a shark caught of the coast of the D.R.

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John K said...

Hola Anthony, that basketball game is crazy! Is a pro or semi-pro league down there? I'm glad you're doing okay despite all the storms.