Thursday, November 20, 2008

Road Trip (part 2)

I will write about what I'm calling my 36-hour interlude. Whirlwind, crazy, frenetic, yet just right. Started out in Santo Domingo, drove north to Puerto Plata, then Sosua and finally ended up in Cabarete, where we spent the night. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, had breakfast, then drove the complete northern coast from Cabarete to Las Terrenas. Then finished off taking the new highway back to Santo Domingo. That highway is a God-send. Will write about the complete trip later this afternoon. Until then ...

The guy above was on a truck helping guide us out of the city. On our way north through the mountains.
This is the first little town we got to, Villa Altagracia. As you drive into the town you are greeted with a statue of the Virgin Mary. This town is most famous as being the place where world famous Dominican singer Sergio Vargas was born and grew up.
This place above is where we stopped in Bonao for lunch on Tuesday. It is called the Aquarius Hotel, Bar & Restaurant. Restaurant on the beach in Cabarete, where we met a very nice gay waiter.
Which way now?
At a restaurant in Nagua, where we stopped (Wednesday) for lunch 2 bodybuilders come in to talk with the owner's wife about the competition they were having this weekend. Damn~! A baseball player we saw riding on a motor bike.
Then catching up to him and his cousin and saying, hey! Pushing onward ...Entering Gaspar Hernandez


CLOAKED said...

Nice pics Anthony was those taken but this famous iPhone? NICE! See you in 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

it would be my pleasure to deliberately get lost and follow handsome men like that to show me the way...and then... get lost again...