Friday, November 07, 2008

T. G. I. F.

I was incorrect about Dominican attitudes to Barack Obama. Wearing my Obama shirt (Thanks to Joseph P.!!!!) after the election I have had many people comment or approach me congratulating me on Obama's win. Very emotional. When I was in La Vega, there was a great photo exhibit to José Francisco Peña Gómez. We were there and two women approached and talked about how Peña Gómez was denied becoming president because of his skin color. They were so happy about Obama and wish they could vote for him also.

I am such a junkie of political news, and anytime I am home I constantly have on CNN and the BBC. If you just watch the news you will see nothing but how the whole world economy is headed for the dumps, if it is not there already. I had been thinking that maybe I needed to go and get a "real job." But now I'm started to feel more helpful that the winter season will be fine. Not as good as years past, but okay.

I have a friend who is visiting for a month. Everyday we take we take a day trip somewhere. We just get in the car and go in a different direction. We have covered many cities in as many days. I can't tell you how much fun it has been. And the people we meet. Again, if you are thinking of traveling to the Dominican Republic I would highly recommend taking a side excursion out of town. If we go to a town where I don't have any contacts, I then head to the park in the center of town. I then try and see if we can find someone who "looks" gay-ish. I don't come out and approach them as if they are gay, but I give them the secret handshake (joking). It has worked EVERY time. I wish I could really put the some of the really "nice" photos up, but I promised I wouldn't. Maybe if you come visit I will show them to you. LOL! The photos at the bottom were taken by me.

Many people are visiting this weekend so I hope to see some familiar faces out. I will be out signing autographs and just being fabulous, as per usual.

What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hello I'm O and I will be visiting Santo Domingo, Nov.10-17. Can you give us some advice on traveling around out the colonial zone. This will make my second trip there. I'm staying at the Casa New Yorker, in the colonial zone. I would like to know where did you take those beautiful pictures? email me:

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with your escapades... As may times as I have been there I have always had a strong desire to see the middle of the country. And once again you live it for me! I am overwhelmed by the 'realness'. The last photo of the papi holding the Presidente...OMG!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It did occur to me during the whole presidential campaigning that you didn't discuss the election much. Was just curious to know the feel of the country in terms of their support for O! Glad you mentioned it - finally! And again, thanks for giving us a feel for life in our beloved second home.
New York

Anonymous said...

OH My Anthony, you have done it again, so much delicious eye candy to see , makes me want to be there right now, thanks for sharing and I hope next time I am over there ,we can do a few day trips has well, thanks again, JIM From Houston, Tx.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I like what I see in those pics. Especially the last one. Good job Anthony.

Anonymous said...

I was in Santo Domingo in mid October and there was enormous interest in Obama from the Dominicans. I am sure that they really understand what a milestone and how historic his election was.

John K said...

Anthony, did you see that posted the results of a Latino-barometer poll showing that the highest support for Barack Obama among all the Latin American countries was in...the Dominican Republic. He was registering about 52% support, 9 points about the next closest country, Costa Rica. Also, Dominicans were the most knowledgeable about the US elections and the mostly likely to say the new US president would pay more attention to Latin America.

Anonymous said...

The campaign against Pena Gomez was not just about him being black. They had these revolting ads of people speaking with a Haitian accent saying they wanted Pena Gomez to win. Of course it worked, but if there is a silver lining to this, it is that Dominican intellectuals rallied against such rhetoric, and there has been a much better national conversation about our African origins and our racial issues since then. Ironically, that might be the best thing Balaguer has ever done for our country.
Ramon Figueroa
Jackson Mississippi