Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For those couple of weeks that I didn't blog some interesting things were brewing. One thing in particular is about the Miss Universo Gay Republica Dominicana. This is all going on in Santiago. The people behind this are the same ones who caused an uproar by allegedly staging a same-sex wedding. What is really great about this is that there was supposed to be some local celebrity judges. One in particular, Francisco Sanchis, has a very popular show that covers all of the social goings on in the country. He said that he was not asked to judge the show, but that he would attend, if asked. He also said that people needed to do what makes them happy. This is significant because usually in these instances celebrities will run fast and hide, he didn't. Bravo, Sr. Sanchis. One of my favorite sites for anything happening in the LGBT community in Latin America, is Blabbeando. He reports the story much better than I could.

Another story that I found interesting is the one about the Dominican Diplomat who was just arrested for smuggling Dominicans into the United States. For $10,000 dollars he would bring up to 7 people at a time to the country. Imagine if some of you knew about this earlier. How many of you would've spent $10,000 to get your "significant other" to the States? More information about this story is posted here.

Iguana Park amusement park is back open in Santo Domingo, until January 18, 2009. If you are looking for a little diversion, why not check it out.


John K said...

It will be fascinating to see what the response will be the contest if they can pull it off, and if Sr. Sanchis and any other notables do attend.

Anonymous said...

I found the BLABBEANDO article very well done and most informative, also depicts Cardinal Lopez"hate for Gays" from all over the world, something should be done about him, no Cardinal should hate like he does, a poor reflection on the Roman Catholic Church.Great article. Thanks, JIM from Houston, Tx.