Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Former United States president, Bill Clinton, along with United Nations general secretary, Ban Ki Moon, visited Haiti yesterday to call attention to the grinding poverty in the country. Music star, Wyclef Jean, was also there. Haiti desperately needs the help, so any attention is welcome.


Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to see this on BBC Ameica yesterday, but, unfortunately, not on any of the major stations in New York! As Dr. King said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere! Thanks for posting Anthony.

laurence said...

Perhaps your readers can help with contributions to the Batey Relief Organization. They do great work. http://www.bateyrelief.org

Since you don't collect fees for your blog that might be a nice way to pay you back. what you think? DIH2 and HBO did a benefit awhile back for them. Unfortunately few came but those that did helped out alot and they appreciated it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, it is great you took the time to bring this to many of us, since I do believe ,Haiti is often over looked and forgotten in the mix of those countrys who need desperate help.They too have had floods and many left homeless and with out food & basic things to live.So thanks for showing the pitcure and making us realize Haiti too ,is badly in need.JIM from Houston,Texas

Derek said...

The oldest black democracy in the world and the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. What a shame and our countries complete lack of interest and involvement in this country, in any productive way, is a national shame. What most don't realize is that Haiti was improverished (literally) by the French, then the Americans.