Thursday, April 02, 2009


Could it be possible that the ban on American's traveling to Cuba is lifted this year? Many articles are talking about the real possibility now that Obama is in office.

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What will this mean economically to the Dominican Republic?

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Jon said...

The travel ban being lifted is a real possiblity. Speaking as an American closely following this there is still some debate and opposition mostly from the Cuban-American community. They feel that the Castros will still be in power but now have real money to do as they please without helping the average Cuban. The business and travel industry really wants the ban lifted. They see great profits from a beautiful country (and people) that for the past fifty years have been in a time warp. The entire country is unspoiled.

Personally, this will help the cash-strapped Cubans from either the travel/sex tourist industry or because the Castros really will use the money to lift their citizens standard of living (which cannot get much lower).

This will greatly hurt the economy of the Dominican Republic. A tourist can get everything (mountains, beaches, culture, fun, sex) in Cuba that the DR can offer without the blight of 50 years of unrestricted urbanization.

Anonymous said...

Jon, the Cuban American community is very large in the US and not all of Us are in agreement with the restrictions to travel.......Hi Anthony just needed to clarify that! Afterall I'm taking Nena to Cuba with me as soon as it open up...right Nena?Lazaro from L.I. NY

Anonymous said...

it really wouldn't hurt the dominican republic at all. The reason being that Cuba already has been traveled to by many European and Canadian countries just like in DR americans make the least of the foreign travelers travelling to the dominican republic in fact the majority of americans travelling back to DR are Dominicans living in the US so i think both nations would do great just as they've been doing all along. i really do wish the ban wouldn't be lifted though, cause cuba will rapidly lose the novelty and the unspoiled riches it has because america will commercialize it just as they were planning to do prior to the embargo

Anonymous said...

Ok...the travel ban is one thing and the embargo is another. I would like the travel ban to be lifted because I would so love to return to Cuba without US Immigration giving me a hard time when I return. I agree with the previous poster (6:09 PM) on his concern with commercialization spoiling the novelty and unique
ambiance that Cuba has to offer.
That will happen if the embargo is
lifted and all the Burger Kings and
Pizza Huts begin to pop up all over the place. God forbid!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

I truly believe it will. I've wanted to see Cuba, and not just for the men either. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cuba is a prison. Our travel and trade bans empower the ruling gangster clique. Trade and tourism brought down the Berlin Wall and destroyed communism in Central Europe and Russia. Would the same takes place in Cuba--the sooner the better. The good news at the end of the 20th Century was that communism (nearly everywhere) was dead; the bad news that Capitalism very much alive, yet, despite its major problems and inherent dangers to planetary survival, Capitalism, perhaps, may be controlled, regulated, ameliorated. Totalitarianism affords no such hope.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter, when president, did not renew the travel ban to Cuba. So during his 4 years as president, it was ok for americans to go to Cuba. The idiot Reagen re-instated the travel ban to Cuba upon his becoming president.

Nena Nuyorican said...

Hey Lazaro, Anthony and all...!
Just got back home from the capital of NY/Albany was at a union convention sponsored by the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Task force. In attendance was NY and LI Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and other latinos. We partied, had work shops, payed tribute to the leaders and Gov. Patterson spoke at many of our affairs even the black tie event...but Asthma kinda dampered my fun but I'm a trooper, I enjoyed as much as possible ;)

When Cuba was a vibrate tropical vacation getaway even Puerto Rico suffered from Tourism. It's only when travel was restricted that the other caribbean islands seen a boost in tourism. When Cuba opens up PR and the DR will have to make adjustments and really welcome "tourism" especially the tourism from the main island(USA) and for the DR from the USA. I so looking forward to that trip!

Lazaro, anytime I'm ready. I always was going this summer but one of my friends I met in 2006 while on a trip to Brazil couldn't get the same time off as I have for summer vacation 2009-August. I will send you my email so we can chat about it and then some. Cuba will NOT be the same ;-)

Anthony will talk soon about august in the DR!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to visiting Cuba to absorb the Afro-Cuban culture. The ban was a joke.

espiritu said...

IMO: There will be a flood of ex-pats to Cuba. Mostly white, wealthy, & connected thanks to conventional social stratification in US. What do you think that will mean to the economy in DR?

Anonymous said...

A flood of ex-patriots? Probably, yes. Wealthy? Not necessarily so.
Connected? To whom or what? It means that less US TOURISTS may favor Cuba over the DR. Canadians, South Americans, Central Americans and Europeans have been going to Cuba for years with no problems at all since the US prohibition means nothing to them!