Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The website DR1 has a video channel on YouTube now. They will be steadily adding videos with an insight that you will see nowhere else. One such video is their behind the scenes look at Cha. On the DR1 forum there are comments about how it is the most happening dance club in Santo Domingo right now. And not just for gays. One point that is made that I believe to be the absolute truth is about the high-end/upscale clubs here. They are fucking BORING. And not places to go to have fun, but to contemplate your place in society, acting in a certain way, being seen with the right people, blah, blah, blah. BORING.

DR1 is going to be coming out with a comprehensive guide to EVERYTHING in Santo Domingo. Including "alternative" lifestyles. This city is huge and has so much to offer. It is about time that someone harnesses that potential. I have been interviewed about the gay scene here and can't wait for this guide to hit the streets. One thing DR1 recognizes, even if others don't, is that gay people have a lot more disposable income and don't mind spending it.

Another thing is certain, Chachita is giving her clientele what they want.


Anonymous said...

I was at Cha two weekends ago and it was the best club by far out of the gay bars/clubs (next was esedeku, Gazela and jaydees in no particular order) ... Being from Manhattan I didn't expect much, but when my posse rolled up to Cha, outside was like a scene that looked like any scene of a hot nightclub in the states ... Inside it was packed and the crowd was sexy (men and women) ... They had a show that was cool and my two buds met two hot guys there and well, the night went on into the very late night ... It was fun for all ... Thanks Cha


Anonymous said...

Well, Anthony, is this the project you hinted about getting involved with a few months ago?

If so, Congratulations! If not, what is/was the project? Enquiring minds want to know!

See you in July/August!

George in SF

CLOAKED said...

Who is that video host?!!

Anonymous said...

The only high-end/upscale club I can think of in SD is CLICK. The new club GAZELA is bound to fail. I was there two weeks ago. The music was sooo loud it hurt. My friends and I could hardly talk to each other. We left after about 40 minutes. Nobody was dancing or doing much else except standing around and watching to see who came in the door. CHA is good for one night, but I can not see myself as a regular there. My days as Dancing Queen are long gone.
We did not go to JAYDEES or BAR FRIENDS this time around. We did go to EUKLIPTUS one night and saw that we were not missing out on anything. Better to stay in, invite a few friends over, and call somebody from my "little, black, telephone book." Just my two cents....