Thursday, July 16, 2009

Benefit for Mahoney tonight @ CHA

There is a benefit tonight at CHA for Mahoney La Vaca. Mahoney has been around the gay community for many years and now he is ill and in need of a kidney transplant. Mahoney is a great guy and we wish him the best.


Anonymous said...

Who's the Hell is that guy? DO you have a pic of this dude?
None the less my heart goes out to the man. Given the LACK of medical advances down there, it must be super difficult.
I'll definitely say a prayer 4 him.

Anonymous said...

I've known Mahoney "La Vaca" for years. In fact, I ran into him some months ago, but did not know he was so ill. I do hope that he makes it through these difficult times.
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

I have good menories of Mahoney(are too many to mention),however he was fun to be around and nice man to know,plus a great bartender.I hope he gets the kidney he needs and can enjoy the rest if his life,in good health. My prayers are with him.From An old freind

joejamchicago said...

The gratutitous snidery, "given the lack of medical advances down there" represents ugly Americanism at its worst. In the United States millions of Americans declare bankruptcy every year due to medical usury. The Dominican Republic at least attempts to include all by a network of clinics and travelling practitioners. Hospitals in Santiago and Santo Domingo may not showcase the latest medical gadgetry, but provide sophisticated 21st Century care. Arguably medical services are actually better in the D. R. since common sense still prevails more so that in the U. S. This is due in large measure to the fact that litigation has not run amok; doctors are able to provide the care they believe in without constantly looking over their shoulder in fear of litigation terrorism.