Monday, July 13, 2009

Pate Palo

The front entrance to Pate PaloPlaza Espana Sunday NightSea Bass
Crispy Apple Shrimp
One of the best known restaurants in the colonial zone is Pate Palo. I think it is one of the best restaurants in Santo Domingo. Last night I had a great meal there with a couple of friends. Pate Palo is located on Plaza Espana. There are several restaurants located there, and I have eaten at many of them, but you will notice that Pate Palo consistently has the largest crowds. Once you taste the food you will understand why. The menu is deliciouslThis is also great restaurant for a romantic meal or drinks when the sun goes down. The next time you are in Santo Domingo and looking for something special, check out Pate Palo.


Anonymous said...

i thought the prices at pp are moving into the unreachable zone, and the service has not been up to the level that i would expect. if its busy, it seems the staff has trouble working all tables properly.

a great location to be sure, and i would never pass up an invitation for soemone to take me there! but unlike charlie y chrisian and america's, this restaurant is no longer on my "must do" list when i visit.


Anonymous said...

I tried it, liked the food and the service but the prices seemed much too high so I have not returned.