Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You never think about backing up your computer until disaster is impending. I had to replace the hard drive on my laptop. And I was really nervous about doing so. I was able to find someone competent and thorough. And he didn't try to fuck me with the price. Well, he did, but we quickly came to an understanding. While I get back up to speed with my laptop, here are some photos from my laptop that have now been successfully backed up.

It has been incredibly hot the last couple of weeks. I mean really humid. To me, it was a mild summer. Hot, yes. But the non-stop unbearable heat for days on end just never materialized. That seems to be what we're getting now.


Anonymous said...

He's a cutie pie.

John K said...

Anthony, I'm glad you were able get a deal to replace the laptop's hard drive and not lose anything. I lived through the nightmare of losing nearly everything back in 2003 or so. Please do keep posting; your photo choices and commentary are always worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

found any of robert? :)