Friday, October 16, 2009


Is there going to be a new club opening called Babylon? According to two European guys I have spoken with, yes. They say they will be taking over the old Gazela/Rouge space. Only time will tell. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Did Chachita win in her own club?

Monaga said...

No. The pageant took place in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody can advise these guys not to go too upscale....SD doesn't need another Cha. Nor does it need another Eukliptus or Bar Friends, for that matter. Not to say all of these bars don't serve their purpose, but what I think SD is really missing is a middle-of-the road gay friendly bar like The Sports Bar used to be. Maybe this new one could be a little bigger and a little classier, but basically appeal to the same type of clientele that David used to draw. Of course, in those days there were a lot more tourists around a lot more often, and that's what's really needed to make such an undertaking financially viable. And pool tables - Please!

I can imagine a Santo Domingo bar like The Pendulum or Keller's were in their hey-days, but of course that just shows how old and sentimental I am.

Anyway, I hope whatever the Europeans do, it works - AND survives. They might have a better chance if they have some local Dominican partners. All Good Luck to them.

George in SF