Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Last Week

Arlenis Sosa
Carolina HerreraLeonel Lirio
Last Saturday was the closing night of Dominicana Moda 2009. With Carolina Herrera presenting her collection closing night, and the triumphant return of supermodel-in-the-making, Arlenis Sosa. One of the people responsible for the success is Socrates McKinney, who is in charge of the Elite Model Search for the Dominican Republic. He is the dean of the fashion set here in the Dominican Republic, and responsible for many Dominican models getting contracts internationally. Also showing were old-guard Dominican designer, Leonel Lirio. He held things down beautifully for the Dominican Republic. has a great article on Arlenis Sosa. She came with an entourage befitting her status as an international fashion model. They have great behind the scenes photos, including of her and her parents.

I am just confused by one thing. In June there was Republica Dominican Fashion Week. I am still trying to find out why there are two separate fashion events. Well, whatever the reason, the Dominican Republic is furthering its place as a fashion leader in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Crystal Waters and C&C Music Factory were here performing last weekend. Photos
And last night the Jonas Brothers performed here to a sold-out crowd at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic stadium. Photos
The Dominican Republic has passed the 38th revision to their constitution. There are many people who are upset. Some of the things in the constitution are very troubling. Abortion is banned, even in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Declaring that marriage is only between a man and woman has been written into the constitution. Then there is the problem with the possibility that the beaches will become private, except for some small slivers for the hoi polloi. Click here for a very interesting article on the whole thing.

Chachita Rubio arrived back in the D.R. with a throng of her supporters greeting her at the airport. This video is just too funny. I don't think they have seen that many gay people at the airport ever. The reactions of the people witnessing the commotion is priceless.
For the longest time I really didn't think much of same-sex marriage. But over the last year I have come to change my mind. It is a civil rights issue. I believe that two people who love each other should be allowed to get married. I doubt very seriously that I will see same-sex marriage in the Dominican Republic in my lifetime. Especially since the D.R. has banned same-sex marriage in the newly written constitution, making it the only country in the world to do so at the constitutional leve [source]. But the momentum seems to be shifting in the U.S.

A good friend, Kelvin Martinez -- and former manager of the Arena
club -- got married to his partner, Ondra, last week in the Czech Republic. Same-sex marriage is legal in the Czech Republic. The Dominican Consul in Prague was shocked, but hey, you can't stop love with no stinking constitution. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Congratulations Kelvin and Ondra!!!!!!!
Former Catholic Priest Arrested for Child Sex Abuse in Dominican Republic

Krispy Kreme to open 15 stores in the next 5 years

Sunday NY Times front page story about shady Dominican Baseball Practices

Briton blinded by eating poisonous worm left in her dinner on D.R. vacation wins $390,000 after lawsuit (Strange Story)
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M S said...

Why is his ass out on stage doing the Crystal Waters event?

Eddie said...

How can they call themselves C&C Music Factory when one of the C's in C&C (David Cole) died many years ago? And who sang Martha Wash's vocals that they originally scammed Martha out of?

But thanks, Anthony, for posting about the concert as well as all the very interesting news articles.

Anonymous said...

Another trick some young Dominican men use to get hired by Major League Baseball is to lie about their age. MLB prospects are signed up at age 16. If they are past that age, they will never play with any team in the states.
So, 19, 20, 21 year-olds say they are 16 and hope that nobody finds out the truth. I have known a couple of them and, believe me, nothing I saw was "underage"....

Diandra said...

WOW and WERK!!! It's been too long! That was so much info, but I AM LOVING the Chachita video!! I put her up on my facebook page.. THANKS... PRICELESS!!!

Ramon said...

Of course, if any of those senators ends up with a female relative pregnant, and they want to terminate it, they have the money to go to Puerto Rico and get an abortion. I wish the official Catholic church and those fundamentalists groups that are becoming so popular in the DR would stop their love affair with fetuses because you know as soon as that baby drops they couldn't care less about it. Let him live a life of misery and degradation. It is not their responsibility. That poor country just can't catch a break.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ramon, you said it so correctly and right on.The Catholic Church does not believe in abortion and then again in this poor country they do not even have a good Public Health Department with out reach programs to help those in need.Just look at the number of children you see every day on the street,begging for food or money to buy food. It's such a sad enviroment to bring children into this world and yet what does the Catholic church do to help these familys in need?? I like to know???You know they do not foster birth control??So they just keep having children in the poorest of conditions.I love the county and it's people, yet so many things just are just not right, espically for the poor.

John K said...

Anthony, thanks for this thorough post with links on all things current in DR. The Chachita video is wonderful. Do the two different fashion weeks feature different seasons as they do up here, or are they competing with each other or what? Is Jorge Diep showing any new lines these days? I hope he's doing okay. The new Constitution sounds horrible, and I'm amazed there was so little outcry before the fact. Did Leonel and the Congress sneak it under everyone's noses? They obviously had the Catholic Church's and the resort owners' interests first and foremost. Lastly, congrats to Kelvin and his husband!

Anonymous said... has great photos on Dominicana Moda Fashion week type in Dominicana Moda in the search bar

John K said...

Also, Dominican Fashion Week was the focus and Arlenis Sosa was interviewed this past Sunday on Santo Domingo Invita. (She has a sparkling personality.) I thought as I watched, Anthony already got the coverage started!