Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

This was a great weekend. Didn't do anything much. Haven't been to a gay club/bar in several months. The whole scene has become quite boring and predictable. Not as many gay tourists visiting as in holiday's past. Thanksgiving was really very nice (and my pumpkin pies turned out beautifully, thank you) with good food and friends. Yesterday the weather is beautiful and I stumbled upon an art fair in the colonial zone and bought a small handmade lamp for $8. Wish they put aside some space in the colonial zone and do this every week. There are many empty spaces that could be used.

How was your weekend?


John K said...

Anthony, I bet those pumpkin pies were delicious. We had a great Thanksgiving. The fair you mention reminds me of that great little art fair we caught a few years ago. I agree that the municipal authorities should set aside areas in the Colonial Zone for regular fairs and events. It would be great for locals and visitors.

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure how to take the news of the club/bar scene being predictable. sad that tourist numbers have dropped, I do know the contribute greatly to the 'local' economy. Hopefully the 'dominicano' has not lost his sense of adventure which a traveler like me has come to admire.

Anonymous said...

The way things are now it is not surprising to hear the tourist trade is down.Times and money are tight so we all must make every penny count and stretch our dollars to the max,so it is understandable that the bar/club scene is being hit has hard.I hear many say Christmas shall be much different this year due to the way our economy is or has been this past year.We just must be thankful for what we have and count our many blessings.

Anonymous said...

The Dominican gay bar scene needs a total overhaul or is doomed to failure. For those who do not care about CHA (which I think is most of us) there is nothing left but FRIENDS and JAYDEE's and most of the times both places suck big time. Yes, I go frequently, but only because I have a bf of 10 years. If it were not for that, you can be sure that I would be traveling to some other place!
From Puerto Rico,