Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hola Gente

It has been really dead around here lately. Everyone is waiting for their Christmas bonus. All employees get an extra month's salary in the month of December. It is the law. Starting today there will be a lot more money in the streets, if you have a job, that is. Otherwise very slow. And of course crime increases during this time of the year.
------------------------------------------------The Christmas art fair started yesterday in Parque Colon (Columbus Park), which is located in front of the Cathedral Primada de America. Artisans from all parts of the country come to take part. I would definitely stopping by and checking it out. And if you see the guy that sells homemade soap, buy some! He is so cute.
Tonight is the winner is announced for the latest installment of Latin American Idol. The Dominican Republic's very own, Martha Heredia, is one of two finalists. The other is from Costa Rica. I watched her performance last night. She is very talented, poised, beautiful and a little cocky, which I love. Click here for her performance. I'm sure tonight @ 9pm, which is when the final show airs tonight live, will be very quiet in the country as everyone will be at home watching and rooting for Martha. Good luck, Martha!
------------------------------------------------One of the country's most influential musicians, Luis Dias, has died of a heart attack. He was born in Bonao in 1953 and is credited with creating Dominican Fusion, which merged rock, jazz and blues with over 40 different ethnic rhythms from the Dominican Republic and Haiti. He took his music and traveled the world writing songs and performing. He was very highly regarded musically both locally and internationally. He was also a prolific teacher, both here and in the United States.
The photo above is of Ernesto. Amateur bodybuilder, masseur and now he runs a gym in the zona oriental section of Santo Domingo. And Ernest Montgomery has photographed him several times. He can get ... oh, never mind. Want a massage?


Mechadude2001 said...

Ernesto can give me a lap dance... on my face. I'd love it.

Eddie said...

I wish the Latin American Idol was broadcast in the U.S. At least on Univision or Telemundo or somewhere. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Ernesto is another humk, muscles in all the right places, would love to spend some quality time with this stud. Thanks for you excellent posting, even to the Latin American Idol.Very talented young lady.Great informative posting Anthony.Keep up the good work, we sure do(or I do) enjoy hearing all these interesting things going on over there .

Anonymous said...

Ernesto is part of my New Year's resolution!