Thursday, December 17, 2009


This weekend the movie Avatar opens. This is the long-awaited follow up to Titanic for director James Cameron. What is also amazing is that two of the leads are Dominican-Americans. The beautiful and fabulous Zoe Saldana, and Michelle Rodriguez. Then there is also the Cuban-American actor, Laz Alonso (above). This is a major coup, as every actor in Hollywood wanted desperately to be in this move. Avatar is the most anticipated movie of the year, and at a cost of almost $250 million dollars, one of the most expensive ever. I think I will go and see this. Maybe not when it first opens, as it will be mobbed, I'm sure. But seeing as movies are only RD$100 pesos ($2.79). At the Malecon center the theater is beautiful and new (and it costs RD$200 pesos). There is even V.I.P. seating for RD$350 pesos ($8.37) and you get this separate plush seating with full bar and restaurant menu. It is really nice.------------------------------------------------Friends & family are concerned about the disappearance of D'Arcy Wright. He is a Canadian ex-pat who runs a business and lives in Sosua. The alarm was first raised on DR1. A page has been setup on Facebook. An awful story that I pray turns out okay.

In the last several years there have been 8 transsexuals who have been killed in the Dominican Republic. And according to TRANSSA, the local organization for transgendered people, not one person has been brought to justice. TRANSSA is really on the front lines of protesting discrimination against the entire gay community. The last victim was shot and killed on November 25, 2009. His family didn't know he was a transvestite. I didn't know him personally but I did see have seen him many times.
JetBlue is adding to its position as number one carrier to the Dominican Republic.
------------------------------------------------InfernoDR is gearing up for their second annual even taking place the Memorial Weekend (end of May 2010) Punta Cana.

While putting this blog together I was listening to the internet radio and this song came on. I have not heard it in a while, but it pretty much sums up how I feel today.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Anthony, your post is bitter-sweet today. I guess it's a reflection of life in general. I do check in with you to sorta get a pulse of what's going on in my second home; but with a disappearance and unsolved killings of members of the community, it does call for us all to put on our pretty faces. But, whatever the news, please continue to share with us.
Viva Cuba! (did I say that right?.
Basil, New York

Eddie said...

First, let me say Happy Birthday, Anthony! (I haven't forgotten your birthday, darling.)

As for the movie theater. Chile, that is fierce. For less than $9 you get VIP seating with a bar and menu?! Here in NYC, it's what...$12.50, I think, and we have to sneak in our beverages, of course...

Anonymous said...

These killings are just so sad to hear.No matter where you are in this world , one must always keep there eyes open at all times with a keen sence of awareness for anything that might confront you.There are still many haters for gay people along with the gay community.This is just a reality of life that we all must deal with.
Say thats a super great deal you have over there at the movie theaters, get in line and enjoy the best that there is to be seen in a V.I.P. go girl... Happy Holidays to all who read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! We must have some kind of get together to toast your
birthday and the New Year when we
are there in January. Enjoy your
From Puerto Rico,
Rafael & friends

John K said...

Happy Birthday, Anthony! I wish we could be down there to celebrate it with you.

Also, thanks for highlighting Zoe Saldana and Laz Alonso in particular. One of the things I admire about both is that they proudly let people know they are both black and latino (Dominican in Saldana's case, Cuban in Alonso's). Perhaps as a result both get a lot of work, playing all sort of characters, black, african-american, latino, unraced-in-the-script.

C has been keeping me up on the disapperance of the expat D'Arcy Wright. I sincerely hope he's okay.

And as always, thank you for covering LGBTQ issues in DR, like Transsa's work on fighting for justice and equality.

Anonymous said...

....From one fellow Sag. to another, Happy Birthday,baby! And we both celebrate many more. Luv, Melvin