Tuesday, January 05, 2010


In the past couple of days two foreigners were murdered in the D.R. One man was on vacation from Canada. The other was a resident of the Dominican Republic, originally from Norway. Crime happens everywhere, but it is still disconcerting to read.
A few entries back I posted the photograph of a gentleman who was reported missing in Sosua. There were fears that he had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom. When I first heard the story I thought, pessimistically, the worse. That is in my hardened New York nature. Still I was hoping for the best. And the best outcome happened. The gentleman from Sosua was found. But, here is where the story gets a wee bit complicated. The DR1.com family really started the sirens wailing. It was great to see everyone pitch in to try and help someone in need. Then, as tends to happens with people starting shit while sitting anonymously behind their keyboards, blame started to accumulate. Accusations were made, people started taking sides and long-held friendships have unraveled. I spent a couple of hours reading about the aftermath of his return. I don't think any Latin soap opera could've been written any more dramatically. Again, thank God he is alive. Now, if only we could just all get along.


Dwayne said...

That's Terrible to hear. I've been to Santo Domingo once, March, 2 years ago and i've been very eager to re-visit. News like this make decisions on revisiting very discouraging.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the majority of tourist murders takes place in the north coast area around Puerto Plata-Cabarete-Sosua, or is that just my impression? Maybe it's because that's where a lot of monied tourists stay? I seem to remember only one reported incident out of Punta Cana, but there probably have been more. It also seems an inordinate number of the reported victims were Canadians. If that's true (and it may not be) I wonder why that is? Are we dumber, or just more innocent? (Smile)

In any event, Dwayne, don't let this discouraging news prevent you from returning to that fabulous country. If you're not going to be spending your time in an expensive vacation area flashing a lot of money around, and so long as you act sensibly, I believe the risk will be no greater than when visiting any other foreign country (or New York or Oakland, for that matter).
George in SF

Anonymous said...

can you provide more details of why d'arcy was reported missing in the first place? where has he been?

Anonymous said...

if yuo read the news from all countries will know everywhere somebody is murdered. Hapens all over the world. Here in Dominican is less than in other countries.
And if they are strangers here will be murdered as same the dominican people, is only stadistic. How many dominicans was murdered the last month?. Only know about the strangers. Do the math.

Monaga said...

Click on the links and you will get all the information about what happened.

Anonymous said...

Darn it Anthony you've both ruined and made my day! I haven't been able to concentrate on work or anything else for the last three hours while reading through the utterly fascinating DR1 threads about Darcy's Wright’s disappearance and reappearance in Sosua. And you're right; it's better than any soap opera! A couple of the posts describe it perfectly: “Drama, comedy, science fiction, action/adventure and a little "X" at the end .... What a perversely petty little show; the obsequious and obligatory name-calling, and all the scurrying about choosing sides, when in fact there are no "sides" to choose. We have seen the most honorable intentions of a cohesive community morph into a mad and desperate scramble to become part of a "Lord of the Flies" sequel. Surreal.”

Anthony, this is the perfect grist for your journalistic mill. I can see these quotes now on the cover jacket of your fascinating chronicle of how an ex-pat community tore itself apart due to the charades and peccadilloes of its members. This is your perfect mystery plot with profound sociological overtones. And the best part is that it's true. I can see it now on the pages of the New Yorker.

You've talked about writing a book. I say go for it. In any event, keep us posted. I see the DR1 moderators have closed the blogs for now. Be sure to let us know when the topic heats up again. And thanks for giving us this delicious read.
George in SF

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting read with a very happy ending, esically for his mother and sister. However,I must say something does not sound quite right with the sequence of events along with his disappearence.There is much more to this story than meets the eye.Thanks for sharing, do keep us posted..

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the police report has been posted yet, but that's what i'm waiting for.

Obviously, this was a hoax. Brought on by none other than the supposed kidnapped victim himself. Knew it all along.

As far as the exploits of some of the expats in DR, this takes the cake for sheer gall.

What's also fascinating is the story behind those that tried to cover his tracks, long before the hoax was common knowledge. (I mean come on, grabbing his laptop to "clean it" of incriminating evidence." Please.

Miss thing has fled the island to the beloved comfort of home and mom... but promises to return. Gee, have we never heard that one before? I'll be back. LOL.

If there's an award to the best laid hoax down there, there is a nail biting neck and neck tie between this hoax and the tale of Dr. what's-his-name-in-headscarf. You know who I mean.

Good God I miss that place!!

Happy New Year!

Diandra said...

SHOWS!!!! This is one incredulous story indeed! I wonder what the 'real' story is, and what prompted Ms Thing to pull this off... ummm.

Anonymous said...

Seems the only thing missing from this story is the gay angle. But then again, computer files were erased!
George in SF

John K said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the two people who were murdered. The disappearance of the Canadian man in Sosua could easily be a novela, as you say. I'm glad the abductee is alive and safe, but a lot of the post-return details sound a bit sketchy. Perhaps one day we'll all learn how you rent a hotel room for several days and send emails with almost no money (except what can be hidden in a shoe that kidnappers don't check) and without ID, though perhaps such things are possible for some in DR. Que será, será.