Friday, January 29, 2010

Hotel Atrium

Was walking around the neighborhood and saw this place that opened just around the corner from me. There is no website, as yet, but there are plans for one. There are only 7 rooms and the cost is $1,200 pesos per night. There are even a couple of rooms with bunk beds. Small rooms, basically just for sleeping, but all with private baths. Air-conditioning, flat-screen cable tv, comfy bed and all very clean and new.

Hotel Atrium
Calle Pina #113
Ciudad Nueva, Santo Domingo


Anonymous said...

looks cool. what is the address and phone number? and, as always, do they accept guests? thanks

lllabelllll said...

Anthony... Do you know if thats a safe under the coffee Carafe?
Thanks for all you do and show. Your honesty shines!

Monaga said...

I listed the address on the blog item. I was there for maybe 10 minutes. You need to call and ask those specific questions. There was only one woman there, and she didn't speak English.

Anonymous said...

Not interested.

Anonymous said...

For the queen that said not interested, you can keep you damn comments to yourself, Anthony is just showing options, who care if you are not interested, so damn disrespectful

Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole idea of Anthony's posts to get reactions from his readers? Good or bad? What bug crawled up your ass today, Miss Thing?

Anonymous said...

This could be perfect for me. I stay in Gazcue at these little hotels because I stay for weeks at a time. I will def check this. Thanks Ant.

Anonymous said...

I've always admired that Anthony gives free promotion to other places to stay in Santo Domingo. I am not interested in staying at the small hotel he wrote about, either. But does that mean that I can not say so without some foul-mouthed homosexual jumping all over me? Get a life!
From Puerto Rico,