Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ikea is Open!

Ikea opened yesterday. And from what I can see it was a great success. My doubts about pricing have been quelled. I still think there are things ridiculously priced. But after seeing the thousands of square feet of space. Along with finding some great things at prices I have never seen in the D.R. I think they will do fine. I went earlier in the day about 11am. Was told it would not open until after 1pm, once the president was there to cut the ribbon. Finally opened and it was a line to get in. Even when I left @ 9pm. And the Swedish meatballs are just like I remember them. Welcome Ikea!


M S said...

Recessios is over in the DR LOL

Anonymous said...

I find Ikea good for household stuff like lamps, rugs, glasses, and other stuff. Ikea's furniture
may look great in the showroom, but it is mostly made from pressed
wood which does not stand up well
to the normal wear and tear of
daily use.

axiom2001 said...

I like the IKEAS in Palo Alto and Emeryville, California. The things that I've purchased, mostly accesseries-- I've liked very much.

I hope they do well in the DR and NOT EXPLOIT in anyway!

dan renzi said...

I go to Ikea just for the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce! My favorite.