Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Angelita Trujillo, the youngest daughter of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo (former Dominican dictator), has written a book. From the excerpts of the book, her life was extremely charmed. She talks of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, parties with Barbara Hutton, and other Dominican elites. But the overall tone is how great her father was. It is already generating tremendous interest. I hope this is going to be translated, as I would love to read this book. I wonder if she will return to the D.R. to do interviews?
The Pennsylvania State Police have put out a warning about citizens receiving phone calls stating that a loved one is in jail in the Dominican Republic. The caller then urges that money sent by Western Union to the Dominican Republic will get your loved one out of jail very quickly. But you have to act quickly.
The body of a stowaway fell out of plane as it was taking off from Santo Domingo.
One of Italy's most-wanted criminals was arrested while sunbathing on the beach near Santo Domingo. He was there with his wife and kids.
Here's a list of Caribbean Islands to Avoid
Len Ziebarth, an American ex-pat who lived here in Santo Domingo passed away in the hospital last night. He was suffering from liver cancer. I didn't know Len very well. After Scotch left the former Casa New Yorker he ran it for a time. That is where I met him. He was officiating a commitment ceremony. This is what I wrote about that night on December 27, 2007: The highlight of the ceremony was the minister, Len. Len's sermon was riveting and poignant. He talked about how he had been a minister for 35 years, and once he came out as gay, he had to leave the church. He then read the passage from the 23rd Psalm, and another about Ruth. Again, beautiful and poignant.

Rest in peace, Len.


Jim Girton said...

Len was a great friend to me and to the gay community. He never said anything bad about and literally walked away from the gossiping that was a part of our community.
He showed love and compassion and will be greatly missed.
I love you Len.

Friend in Cabarete said...

I was fortunate to spend a little time with Len due to a mutual friend. A very gentle man. I know he will be missed by friends and family. Rest in peace, Len.

Anonymous said...

What!? No one has mentioned that the Dominican Republic is on the list of Caribbean islands to avoid. Another surprise is that only two dangers are listed: petty crimes and Dengue fever. Petty crimes must mean that they will rob you, but won't kill you. To avoid Dengue fever, the author suggests you take a good bug repellent. However, one of the biggest dangers, the bugarrones, is not included! Bugarrones can cause serious damage to a first-time visitor's heart and bank account. So, you better watch out!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

RIP, atte La Potra

Anonymous said...

I met Len when at the New Yorker. Very kind man.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that no one has mentioned that AOL has mentioned that the Dominican Republic is on the list of countries to avoid in the Caribbean. I wonder why???

Anonymous said...

Angelita Trujillo must have the millions of dollars her father stole from the Dominican people in some bank in Switzerland. She lives a life of luxury traveling from her home in Miami Beach and Europe.

Anonymous said...

i knew Len , he and i were very close in the time he worked in a call center , we use to talk and talk , he treated me like family , i will never forget him , he was very special to me , i had a ton of problems with my family and Len would always be there to listen and give me advice . his smile made me so happy to see him and knowing that i always had a friend that i could talk to .

sorry i couldn't say goodbye
you treated me like your daughter .

beth said...

you had many loved ones in Dominican Republic , you were the sweetest man in the world .

you treated everyone with respect and you were always there to listen.

i am very grateful that i met you Len , i will truly miss you .