Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Suggestion

Today I had a great lunch at a restaurant called Michelangelo. The restaurant is located on Avenida Roberto Pastoriza and Winston Churchill, in Plaza Las Americas 1. Which is in the Piantini section of Santo Domingo. The food was fresh and expertly prepared and presented. And even better surprise was the service, which can be severely lacking in this country, even in the better establishments. The best surprise of all was the price. I took some photos with my cell phone camera, but they came out too dark. When I checked out their website I noticed that the photos look exactly like what was presented. Another plus, management speaks English. If you want a great meal, excellent service, chic decor all at a price that seems too reasonable, you should definitely give this place a try.


Anonymous said...

What is the menu? Eclectic, Euro, Latin?

Monaga said...

Italian. Click on the link to the website for the menu.

Anonymous said...

I looked at there ad and the menu looks just delicious and the food is so well presented, looks like a great place to dine, thnaks for sharing this info.Must try it next time I'm there.(JFHT)