Monday, March 01, 2010


This past Saturday, February 27, the Dominican Republic celebrated their 166th birthday. There was a parade on the Malecon. I went. But it was boring. It is a military parade and looking at the men in uniform was great, but otherwise boring. I didn't take many pictures (except for the guy above). Thought I would just show the video from last year.

There are many tourists in town visiting. You need a reservation at Paco's to get a seat. Business has been incredible (for me, at least). It should be a great carnival this week. I hope to get some good photos to show you.

And here is a great article in the gay travel magazine, Passport. The piece was written by Mark Chesnut, who does pieces on the D.R. from time-to-time.


Langston Baldwin said...

Dreamy. very nice shot. Do you know him or did you just ask him to pose?

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

Don't know him. Lives in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Great article Anthony! and loved your input.
The gang and I were just talking last week how you haven't mentioned independence/carnival much and were wondering how you found those celebrations. Folk often talk of the carnival in La Vega, and that it ranks right up there after Rio and Trinidad. Still would like to experience it on one of our visits. As always, thanks for your insights.

Anonymous said...

The carnival in La Vega comes nowhere near the one in Trinidad and much less Rio de Janeiro. Some of the groups in La Vega carnival have the costume thing going on, but the carnival itself lacks in discipline and any kind of order. Believe me, I've been to all three.