Monday, March 08, 2010


Yesterday was carnaval in Santo Domingo. At the start of the weekend it didn't seem like the weather was going to cooperate. We are in a drought situation right now and we have not had sufficient rainfall in the last several months. Since late last week the weather has been overcast, breezy and cool. It looked like it would rain at any moment. But it didn't until Saturday. Which is the day of Mario's birthday celebration. Everything went off like a hitch. Great carnaval, though it started late and I didn't have enough light for photos. One thing back in force again was all the men dressed as women. Loved it.


John K said...

I was wondering about Carnaval in La Vega and in Santo Domingo, so thank you so much for these photos and your report! I'll send you snow, rain and fog (so thick tonight it was like a cotton blanket) if you send some of that Caribbean sun!

Anonymous said...

Carnaval in Santo Domingo sucks and not in a good way. It was great many, many years ago!

Scott said...

Hey Anthony, Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing the pictures. And the police officer is really cute.
Also Happy Birthday Mario! I am sure that you had a great time.
Peace, Scott~

MySatori Productions said...

Five from the top....!!!!!