Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dominican Island Heat

We are starting to plan the celebration for Dominican Island Heat 2006. We are going to be doing things very, very differently this time. Just concentrating on giving fabulous parties. Some ideas are a yacht party, pool party at an exclusive mansion, etc., etc. As it is months away we don't know exactly what we will be doing, but this time all we will be focusing on is entertaining the throngs that will be descending on the island. You are going to have to get here, get from the airport and around the city on your own. Of course we will have suggestions and help as much as possible, but last year's event most of our time was spent with logistics and trying to deal with Dominican inefficiency. Not this year, that will be your job!


Anonymous said...

Monaga Can You Help?
I will be traveling to Amsterdam in August. I was excited to hear that there are a large number of Dominicans living there. Alas, I have been unsuccessful in my web search to find any information about Dominicians in the Netherlands. Elatedly, it occured to me to seek the assistance of the MAVEN of all things Dominican and your network of Dominican aficionados. Can you tell me if there are Dominican neighborhoods, clubs, bars or other places where I can meet Dominicans with a Dutch flavor? I promise to be on my best behavior and to file a report as soon as I return. MONAGA, I am counting on you !!!

Friend of the Dominican People

Anonymous said...

Go to thered-light district. you will see a lot of Dominicans working the windows. 10,000 Dominicans in Amsterdam. Its a fabulous trip!

Monaga said...
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Monaga said...

Let me look in my little black book. I had a Dominican client who used to come here from Amsterdam. He and his lover own a guesthouse in Amsterdam. Let me see if I can find his information.

Anonymous said...

Sir Anthony,

A "DIH 2006 Yacht Party" sounds great. Keep up the good work!

You know I can't wait to see whatever unfolds. I feel like going to Paco's.


Anonymous said...

Monaga.Como puedo informarme donde es la dominican island party y en que lugar.