Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Narciso in San Christobal

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Narciso's house in San Christobal. San Christobal is about 30 minutes east of Santo Domingo. I had met Narciso many times before and been invited to his home, but never had the chance to go.

Narciso is one of the most hospitable hosts that I have encountered. He has a knack for making everyone feel at home and his graciousness knows no bounds. On this Sunday I traveled to his house with some friends and several clients. It took us some time to find it, but now that I know where it is I will make it a point to visit more often.

Narciso is now retired in the DR after working for 40 years in NYC. He lives comfortably in his home in San Christobal and he knows all the most beautiful boys in the area, which he graciously introduced us to. If you are ever in San Christobal ask someone where Narciso lives, he knows everybody.

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