Monday, August 29, 2005

Is the DR getting expensive?

One theme I have been hearing over and over from people who have been traveling here for a while is that the DR is not as cheap as it once was. This is true. But, there are several reasons for that. For those who were traveling here when the Dominican peso was 30, 40, or even 50 to $1, those were the days. Things have definitely changed. The country is in an economic mess, and the governement has been manipulating the currency to keep it stable. Most of the bills they pay on the international market are in dollars.

Another complaint is that the drinks in many of the clubs/bars have gotten really expensive. I can't speak for the individual owners, but it does seem that things have gotten a bit pricey. I know that a bottle of Absolut costs $16 in the supermarket, so when you are having drinks prices that reflect the States, people who travel here often tend to spend less money.

The Dominican Republic is still one of the cheapest Caribbean islands to travel to. Have you been to Puerto Rico lately? Not cheap. You can still find bargains here and all the bars/clubs are not expensive. Hotels run the gamut from $25 per night to several hundred and more. You can stay on the beach in some towns for $40, and walk right out your door and jump in the ocean.

The Dominican Republic is a very difficult place to do business, but I think a fair balance is going to have to be reached, otherwise many people will be alienated and look for other places to spend their hard-earned money.

Let's see what happens...


Anonymous said...

yes it has gotten more expensive. i was really surprised by the prices of drinks in the phonix and jd's. some of the drinks prices are more than i pay in d.c. i used to buy a lot of drinks, but not anymore. i know the exchange rate is a problem, but come on.

Anonymous said...

I was there a couple of weeks ago and noticed that things aren't as cheap as they used to be. I still love the place and will definitely go back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, Well you are speaking nothing but the truth. I was totally surprised when I ordered a vodka (measured 1 ounce) and orange juice at the Bar Phoinex and was told it was 200.00 pesos. Now I am not a cheap tourist.I frequent the DR at least 4 time's a year usually for at least 2 week's at a time. But let's face it folk's this is bullshit. The bottom line is that in the DR you can go to La Serena and get a bottle of absolute for let's say 400.-600.00pesos. Fuck it,, may as well stay in get drunk with your boogie and have some good sex.
My suggestion. Lower the price's of the drink's and I believe you will sell more. I use to hang out at Bar Phoinex all night (we miss you Lawrence) when the price was right. I know your in the business to make money. You can have my money but don't steal it from me. As far as Jay Dee's goes. Jerry when I order a drink I want a drink not just a cup of juice.

Bottom line is this trip I spent more time at the Sport's Bar. Keep up the good work David. You can have my money. You are doing it right~

Anonymous said...

instead of complaining why not do something about it. no one forces you to go to any of the places you mention. just don't drink or better yet don't go!