Saturday, August 13, 2005


I have spoken with the guys from Houston who were robbed by Ariel at the Clarion Hotel. It seems that Ariel's father is a corporal with the National Police of the Dominican Republic. Not Good. The police here are very, very corrupt. The likelihood of the police going after one their ranks children is hard to fathom, but we will see. Anyway, look at the picture below and if we can at least spread the word about what a lowdown motherfucker he is. I have already heard from some people who have said, "well, he didn't do anything to me." Well, that's because he didn't have the opportunity. Do you think if he had the chance he wouldn't?

The Dominican Republic is a relatively safe place as long as you use caution. Crimes of opportunity occur here often, because it is a poor country. So, what lessons can be learned from this crime and other like it? Well, here is my take below:
  • You MUST use the safe in your hotel, if you are going to be bringing someone to your room. I know this is a pessimistic view, but you can't trust ANYONE!!! Yes, no one. If you don't want something stolen from your room make sure it is in the safe. That means camera, cell phone, IPOD, cologne, or anything else that will fit that you value. From the response of the hotel, which is a major chain in the U.S., you can see that you are basically on your own if you get robbed in your hotel room.
  • Follow your instinct, if you meet someone on the street or in a bar, act just like you would act if you are in NYC, D.C., or Norfolk. You would be very careful. Many people visit here and leave ALL their common sense in the States. You want to be equally careful here, especially if you don't speak the language.

With that, you can come and have a good time.

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