Monday, August 15, 2005

What is a Blog?

A blog is a basically a place where anyone can write about whatever it is they want. You have the option of reading, commenting, or NOT reading any specific blog that you don't want. I write this because there seems to be some rumbling about some of the things I write in my blog, well, um, you don't have to read it. That some people continue to read it then bitch to everyone, but me, cause of course I'm not known for biting my tongue.

What I write about here is MY reality, which is why I started the blog. This blog is basically for me to vent on issues that deal with my reality and struggle here in Santo Domingo. A lot of it is not pretty, but for the most part it is great.

I moved here in January of 2004 with exactly $427 in my pocket. I planned the move for 2 years, even when people close to me told me I was insane to give up my job of 10 years (production manager at a newspaper) to come here. Some people told me if I wanted Dominican dick that bad that I already lived in a Dominican neighborhood (142nd & Riverside/West Harlem), so what was the point? Why chase your dream there, many wondered? Well, it is not the Dominican Republic, per se. It is the freedom of being my own boss and being in charge of my own destiny. I will rise or FALL, depending on my actions, that is what this is about. If I don't make it, I still have my passport (somewhere) and can always move back to the States, if I had to.

Moving here wasn't an easy decision. The hardest part was giving up my job. I worked for a multi-billion dollar company and made a decent salary and the benefits were really great, to move to a 3rd-world country. Not exactly glamorous. But, I hated my job. Hated it! It took me a year of therapy (Thank you, Dr. Dickerson) to finally realize that it had nothing to do with my job, but my LIFE. I wanted to do this, or that, but was comfortable/complacent with my life. The thought of giving up my security was paralyzing. The day I gave notice at my job I remember like it was yesterday. I felt all the pressure lifted from my shoulders and skies opened and the angels sang. It was one of the best days of my life. I still remember my bosses reaction. "So, what company are you going to?" I told her I was moving to the Dominican Republic to run my small guesthouse. The look on her face said it all. I went back to my desk and stared out the window for a few minutes. I worked in a building at the tip of Manhattan, and out of my window on the 27th floor I could see the Statue of Liberty very clearly, I felt like she said winked at me!

I have never regretted the decision for one day, not ONE! I had done research, read books, talked with Dominicans (who were trying to talk me out if also), scoured the internet and then just took the plunge. I never moved here with the intention of opening a guesthouse. Everything happened by accident. I was looking for a way to have an income and leave the States and see what was out there for me. As a student of biographies (Maya Angelou helped me tremendously) I learned that your life is what YOU make it. I am responsible for all the decisions I have made. I can't blame anyone, and I don't. Anything that has gone wrong for me here has been my fault. But, you know what, at least I tried. How many people can say that? How many of you are doing what you really want to do with your life? Show of hands.

So, before you judge me, walk in my shoes. Give up your comfortable lives and follow your passion, then let's talk. Then tell me what I'm doing wrong, or how I should do this, or that. I was just talking with a friend earlier tonight who went to the Fire Island Blackout this past weekend. He had a great time and went into a chat room tonight and some people were complaining because there was no music at the beach. A legitimate concern, to be sure. But, when he asked who was willing to help next year? Silence. It is easy to criticize and attack someone who is at least TRYING to do something. Instead of offering contstructive criticism we want to attack, denigrate and disparage someone for trying to offer some other activities.

Okay, I'm done. In closing, find out what it is in your life that makes you happy, then go about setting out to do it. Rember, life is sssssshhhhhhooooorrrrrrttt. While you sit and worry about how others are making mistakes with what they're pursuing, you will end up bitter and alone. (I still have Dr. Dickerson's number, if you need it.) And I'll still be living in paradise trying to figure out what my destiny is (God willing!).

And for those of you who felt that I might've been a little to harsh to Mark Harris in an earlier post. Here is my reply. If Mark can prove anything that was written was incorrect I will correct it and offer a full apology. Until then, get the fuck over it and stop reading this blog, then you don't have to worry about it.

I now feel so much better!


Anonymous said...

So people read you Blog then talk about it, judging you because you air out you thoughts and comments about YOUR expriences in the DR. Hmmmmmm sounds like they need to 1, Get a life 2, Start their own blog 3, Too my time on their hands 4, Get a fucking life and 5, Dont fucking read what you write.

Anonymous said...

Where do i begin, first let me say I was one of those friends thinking Anthony has gone loco I applaud you for following your dreams I instead took the path of security and the one of less people talking about me. It takes a real MAN to do what you did continue to make me and your other friends proud

Anonymous said...

"You Go Boy"!!!, I can feel you and all the things you've gone thru, before, during and after the move to DR and continuing right now. We free spirits look to meet headon the challenges and excitement of something different. And you are right, it is hard and sometimes we depend on others for assistance, including financial help just to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. I'm experiencing some problems with partners and ex-partners and ex-employees and I'm wondering if it is really worth it. Especially when I see my "so called" partner covorting with those former partners and employees who continue to harm me emotionally and financially. Hell with friends like that, who really needs enemies? But enough of that, again, I commend you Anthony for your courage to step out on faith and make that move to live your dream. Keep up the great work. And by the way, your Apartments are beautiful and I'm so proud of your accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Wassup man, i want to give you a major shout out. You inspired me majorly you are so right life is what you make it. Good luck