Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Car Rentals

A funny thing happened when a friend rented a car recently. He had an accident. No, he is fine, but the car was a little tore-up. He had rented the car and wanted to go and meet Narciso. He goes to his house to get a nail clipper (I had a hangnail). He gets out his car and leaves it running, as he was only going to be gone for a minute. His Dominican friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat, decided to get behind the wheel. His friend then drove the car into his building and smashed the front in.

Many decisions had to be made. Should we just take the car back and deal with the insurance company? Well my answer was a resounding NO! I made a phone call and had it taken to a mechanic on the other side of the bridge. As you can see from the photos, he put it back together again, perfectly.

I didn't want to mention it until the car was taken back to the rental agency and given the clean bill of health. Well, we took it back and they looked it over and under and concluded everything was fine, but there looked like there was a little ding in the windshield. After a little haggling is was agreed that it was very minor and everything was fine.

Tragedy averted!


Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony, Sad to say I am back in Boston and missing the DR already. However it will not be a trip soon forgotten. As for the car let's just say my Dominican friend has learned a valuable lesson as did I.
On another note a great big thank you goes out to our Dominican friend who helped us get the car repaired without him we would have been,, well let's just say up the creek without a paddle. It is so funny with all the damage repaired the only thing that they could find wrong was a little pot mark in the windshield.
As the saying goes. Live and learn. And boy did I ever learn my lesson.
Much Love to ya Anthony.
Hope to see you soon,
You know who~

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony I'm back home I had a great time in Santo Domingo I too was a witness to the after the wreck of the car... looks brand new to me in person. So I take it that the DR is not a third world country when it comes to fixing cars.

Mario Sessions

Anonymous said...

My question is why in the world would you leave a bugaroon in car with keys.... i guess it must be one to many Presidente in their systems