Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Latest

Well, it has been one week since I last "blogged." There has been so much going on. The apartments were full with old and new friends. The Monaga Apartments seem to be progressing very nicely. Everyone who stayed like them very much.

Ernest Montgomery came down with some friends and we partied non-stop in Arena. I must say I have been really enjoying myself there. Went last Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and the place was packed and the music was hot. Last Sunday, they wanted to go to the mall to buy some t-shirts and things. I took them to Mega Centro, and boy did we have a good time. I don't think they saw that many gay people shopping together at one time. The cruising was heavy and intense. Ernest is also a photographer and took all the photos above. You can check out his site @ www.leestudiosnyc.com.

My good friends, Greg and Tyson, were also here and we had a great time together. We ate several times at this Italian restaurant that I love so much, L'Osteria Charlie & Christian. It is located on the Malecon off Estrelleta. I can't tell you how much I love that place. Ate there again last night. 4 people, appetizers, entrees, drinks and I even had dessert, and the bill was less than RD$2000 pesos ($66). Amazing, amazing food. You must try it out when you visit Santo Domingo. All the information is listed on Monaga.com under restaurants.

There were a couple of murders this past week. One was a drag queen named Blondie. It seems Blondie was with client, and said client found out she was actually a man, and not a woman and shot her twice in the back. He was caught and is now in jail. The other was a buggaron named Christian. Christian was someone I never liked. Never knew why, but just didn't. After awhile it became apparent why I didn't like him. He was a notorius thief. He robbed someone staying in the Caribe Colonial. They were sitting at the bar in the lobby having a drink, he distracted the guy and picked up his room key (the credit card-like version) and then pretended like he was going to the bathroom, but took the elevator to the guy's room and stole all that he could. Hiding it in the bathroom when he came back down. He then came back downstairs and finished his drink and when the guy went back upstairs he collected his loot and exited, stage left. The next night, he got someone else who was dining at the Mercure hotel. He leaned down to give him a hug and picked up his keys off the table, which also had his safe key. He then proceeded to go to the room and take everything he could carry, including passport, ticket, jewelry, which were in the safe. Now, here is the reason I don't recommend the Mercure anymore. They absolutely refused to help their own client. This guy called me and we had to get the U.S. Embassy involved before they would help him get a police report, which you must have to get a new passport. Since that time I had been sounding the alarm about Christian, warning anyone who would listen not to mess with him. To say he didn't like me would be an understatement. He has threatened to kill me, etc., if I didn't mind my business. He was off the scene for a year. Then all of sudden he walks into the pool hall, nonchalantly, like nothing ever happened. I then let everyone know who he was and he was escorted to the door, I then got on the phone to call the police and he scattered, very quickly. I put the word out among the criminal element that when he sees me, he should run, because I will pay the police to take him in. So, not being able to abuse gay tourists he had turned to house break-ins. Last week he picked the wrong house to rob. It was owned by a Colonel in the Dominican Military. As he was breaking into the house he was confronted by an armed guard who told him to put his hands in the air, he refused and tried to wrestle the gun away from the guard. The guard shot him twice in the face, and as you can imagine, it was not a pretty sight. They left his body laying there for 5 hours. Many people went to see it and word spread quickly. I don't like to hear about any human being killed, but when you live by the sword ...

A couple of blog entries ago I wrote about Joan (pronounced Jo-ahn). One day I'm coming out of my building and who do I see strolling towards me, but Joan. Yes, he was in the Bahamas, but only for a week and he is due to go back soon. As Ernest was upstairs and looking for some models to shoot we decided to round him up and take him out to Narciso's for some shots. Check above.

Paul Culver, a photographer from San Francisco, is also here looking for some models. He doesn't shoot nudes, but his work is very beautiful. Check out his site when you get a chance.

Last week I spoke with Leon, owner of the Phoenix bar and the Enchanting Encounters B&B. Leon tells me that the Monaga blog has now become the gossip sheet for gay travelers to Santo Domingo. People read DR1.com and then look to see what I've written. That is very flattering. Leon somehow thinks I have this power to make or break people with what is written in my blog. I try to explain to him and others that I write about what interests ME, nothing more. But, at the same time I am supportive of other business owners here, though I have not always received the same support in return. That is all water under the bridge now. I like going to the Sports Bar, but that doesn't mean that I don't like other places. Everyone goes where they feel comfortable. The Sports Bar for me is like Cheers (TV). Everybody knows my name, and they are always glad I came (okay, maybe Mark Harris and his crew isn't). Leon, even though you tell others that I'm not supportive enough of you and the Phoenix bar, I still love you. Now, when I write or say something positive, no response. NADA. Wrote about Leon's house. NADA. Got an email asking for Leon's information to be included in an article in Passport Magazine, no acknowledgement. I'm sure Angie will be responding very shortly. I have always been ready to help you in anyway I can. A lot of information and wording from the Enchanting Encounters site has been taken from my site. But, I all get is the negative, what I'm NOT doing. And here, I will say it for everyone to see, PLEASE go by and check out the Phoenix bar when you are in Santo Domingo. It is really very nice and I'm serious. Now Leon, send me some information on your new hookup with the Hilton Hotel, and information about your new van, along with info and pictures on your B&B (the ones on your site are too low-res), which I have already told everyone is very, very nice. I will include it in a blog entry.

To the end of supporting everyone here, David Lee, Jerry Gibbs, and Sylvester Paige have put together some activities for Thanksgiving weekend. There will be parties, an open-house for my apartment building, Thanksgiving dinner (prepared by Sylvester) @ Jerry's restaurant, among other activities. You can get more information by going to http://www.thanksgivingsdq.blogspot.com. Got an email from Leon today, he is planning some things for the Thanksgiving holiday as well. As soon as he finalizes the details I will pass the information on to you.


Ernest said...

Anthony you are the best!Eventhough I've been down there a few times, each time you make the experience that much better.

I think it is very interesting that as a African American business owner in NYC I strongly rely on my network of other African American business owners. I know for a fact that we keep each other in business. I feel that is a basic business practice. As an outsider I know there are many things I miss, but it's incredible to me that with all of your blog entries and resource guides on your site, I have yet to see ANY of these people support the Monaga Apartments-no entries, no fliers. Thank you for taking the high road. I look forward to my return

Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony!
I hope that you are doing well. Let me say that the first thing that I do when I get online is go to your blog to see if there has been a new update! In addition, I have told my friends that one of the things that distinguishes and which I admire in you is that on your website you advertise other hotels/guest houses that are your potential competition. You spread the wealth and what goes around comes around! One comment on the Phoenix Bar... I think that their redecorations and refurbishings have done them more damage than good. The Phoenix had an 'ambiance' about it that no other bar/club had. It had a somewhat hard, no frills edge to it that many of its clients liked. It was like the 'hard-core' bugarrón bar to go to. Now, I have friends who have told me that they do not go there anymore because it has become 'just like all the others." Well, I hope that they are somehow able to get their groove back and do not go under. The closing of any business, particularly one that caters to gays is always a sad event. Take care and be good!
From Puerto Rico,

TSB-SDQ Newsletter said...

Hi Anthony, I just want to let Ernest and the rest of your readers know that David Lee and The Sports Bar, supports you and the Monaga Apartments 110%. And while Ernest is correct in saying that some do not support you, I sing your praises at every opportunity. And our Thanksgiving Weekend joint venture, which is featuring so many different activities of the black/latino gay businesses is proof that we do support each other. We here in SDQ realize the importance of a strong network system and we put great value in being able to help each other. I was also contacted by Passport magazine to provide information about The Sports Bar, I did so and then proceeded to tell Mark C. about the beautiful NEW MONAGA APARTMENTS and CAFE'CLETICO (Jerry Gibbs new Restaurant) I also believe that reaching out and giving support and promotion to other businesses is not a wrong thing, but rather an act of honor. In my lifetime, I've received support from many and the best way I know how to say thanks for that support is to reach out and support others. Anthony your big heartedness will win you nothing but success. Keep up the good work. Your supporter, colleague and friend. David Lee

Anonymous said...

Anthony...how can someone tell someone about your Apt's that never step foot in....hmmmmm make you wonder

"I did so and then proceeded to tell Mark C. about the beautiful NEW MONAGA APARTMENTS and CAFE'CLETICO (Jerry Gibbs new Restaurant) I also believe that reaching out and giving support and promotion to other businesses is not a wrong thing, but rather an act of honor."

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