Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Was Lovely, Once

One of the things about having this blog is that I here from some people whom I haven't been in touch with for sometime. One such friend got in touch with me and sent me this picture from 20 years ago.

I look at this picture and can remember exactly where it was taken and what I was doing. I also look at this picture and cringe, because of course I would NEVER wear anything like this now. But hey, this was the 80's, and I was looking good then. The coat was bought at a thrift shop, and I bought the fur pieces from a heroin addict (we called them dope fiends at the time) and sewed them on the collar myself. I remember getting on the front of the subway train and walking to the back just sashaying. Okay, I was 20 years old, and thought I would live forever. Sue me!

Thanks for the photo, Pearl. It really made my day.


New Wave Black Man said... could have been a seamstress. How come you decided to deal with all the drama of being an inkeeper.

Antonio said...

Isn't that cute..It's me Antonio. I'm here enjoying my time in South Korea. This is a beatiful country. I am having a ball here.