Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend Rehash

This weekend saw a lot of tourists in town. Unfortunately, a lot of people felt the gay bars and clubs here are getting staid (and the drinks expensive!). The one bright spot was Arena. Though even Arena didn't have any kind of show, nada. Though Arena is at least attempting to spice things up. The music is great and if you go on Saturday nights, you get a ticket for free entry and a drink on Sunday. None of the gay bars/clubs here are doing anything to entice people to come in and spend money, in my opinion. The whole scene needs a shake-up. One of the prevailing sentiments that I have heard this weekend is "the DR is getting tired, I need to try some other places for vacation." That is not a good sign.

I think the business owners here are finally starting to get that you have to offer drink specials, have nice shows, make sure the music is together, otherwise tourists are going to go elsewhere. To that end, Jerry and David, local business owners, are opting to put together some entertainment for the Thanksgiving weekend. Offering drink specials, parties and dinners. It is definitely a start and I hope it can grow and offer other things to do at different times of the year. For more information on what's happening Thanksgiving weekend check out

I am seriously thinking about throwing a big party that weekend. Something with beautiful strippers, drag queens, lap dance room, the works. Something has to be done to pull us out of these doldrums. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

While I know this is a little premature but to get the best airfare one has to plan and purchase early....what does the holidays look like "feliz Navida to Ano Nuevo (christmas to new year's eve in the DR especially in the "community" at the clubs in the "circle of friends"!

Anonymous said...

I think that Thanksgiving Weekend planned by the bars, restaurant and disco is a great idea. I see from their blog you linked to, that in additon to The Sports Bar-poolhall; Jay Dee's Disco & CafE'cletico Restaurant, Parios Cafe Bar and yes I see accommodations are available at the Monaga Apartments as well. GREAT EFFORT YOU GUYS FOR LISTENING TO YOUR CLIENTS AND ACTING POSITIVILY !!! As Anthony said, there needs to be more offerings and specials,to make Santo Domingo the "GAY DESTINATION" spot in the Caribbean. I hope that these same business owners are planning more events in the future. I for one would really be excited to know about it. As Nena said in her comments, now is the time to start buying tickets for xmas and new years. What are you guys doing for then??? Please keep us informed. Thanks, "Party Guy".

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Leon is doing for Thanksgiving weekend?

From what i hear he might give a big event so be warned when you finish because he will charge you for everything you ate item by item

Did you hear about his Cookout labor day weekend at his house well well i was one of the guest that got caught up in his latest price scam...

We was invited to his house for a cookout so we went when we left he charged us for the food and entertainment. What kinda of shit is that.

Atlanta crew

Ingravid_girl said...

I knowto these tow, one is bartender in Jay-dee's, and the other is my friend Yolbi Murray