Friday, October 14, 2005


* I am getting quite a few emails from people wanting me to post more. I promise to start the ball rolling, I'm just working on the Monaga V.I.P. section and of course it is much more work than I anticipated. I need some help. Can someone from the States (or Puerto Rico!) move here and help me out. I pay a very good salary, in DOMINICAN PESOS. Also, I can make some introductions for you with some beautiful men. Think about it.

* It has been raining like a motherfucka here. I mean cats and dogs. I was looking at the walls in my apartment building and noticed there were some wet patches. I just thought it has been raining for days and that's it. Well, I called a plumber just to check and then one of the apartments got a leak in the roof. The building next door is adding another floor to there house and using shoddy materials and water is seeping in between the buildings and just trying to give me hell. I had some men work on it today, in between raining spells and God willing it should be fixed by tomorrow.

* This has been a very (VERY!) trying week for me. It seems that everything that can go wrong did, climaxing with the building leak. Yesterday was a very stressful day, I mean really. To top it off yesterday I get this email that just shocked me. I will go into more detail at a later date, but it is amazing how motherfucking crazy some people are. I prayed on it, strongly, and today I feel much better. Again, I know the ONLY (!!!!!!) person that I can't on is Jesus. Can I get an amen?

Okay, okay, I'm done preaching.

* Last night because it was raining so much I didn't think much would be happening, but went to the Sports Bar and the placed was jamming. There were quite a few tourists in town and everyone was civil and having a good time. I really hate it when people visit and bring that bullshit from the States, someone speaks to them and they're so defensive. Thank God none of that was evident last night. Tomorrow is payday for most Dominicans so it should be really jumping at ARENA tomorrow night. Can't wait!

* One of the reasons I have not been posting as much -- besides feeling blah --- is that I can't get the pictures off my camera. I can't find my USB cord, and what they want for it in this country almost costs as much as this cheap camera. So, I have to wait til some people come and can bring me a new one. I also have an HP Photosmart printer where I could usually insert the chip, but it is now acting up. As I say, if it ain't one thing, it's another. I like to post with some pictures with my blog entries.

* Got a call saying that there was a problem with one of the gay bars here. Of course like most information going around it was wrong. It seems that there are some electrical issues. As I get more information I will let you know.

* Lastly, there is this thought here -- untrue, but it persists -- that I have all this power to determine where people who visit should stay, spend their money, and who they should date and fuck. There are business owners here that think if I talk about what places I like to frequent that it means that what I really mean is that people should go there and nowhere else. Then there are the buggarons who want me to introduce all the Americans that come in and tell them how great they are. They think I have the power to tell people who they should have sex with, and if somehow said American doesn't go home with them then the only possible explanantion is that I somehow badmouthed them and it is my fault. Well, they are all too kind, but, and read closely, I can't make ANYONE do anything they don't want to do. I'm sorry to debunk this myth and I know these same people won't believe it, but there is nothing I can do about it. I am sick and motherfucking tired of these people trying to put the blame on me for whatever problems they are experiencing. Tell you what, instead of looking at me as the sole cause for your problems, why not look at what you're doing and see if it has any effect, however small, on your reality.

P.S. To the person who keeps sending me spam mail by making multiple reservations, I just contacted my webmaster and he told me we can get the IP Address and he can find out where it is coming from. Now, I would hate to get the information and post all here. Keep it up, and that is just what I'll do!

More tomorrow!


Mario Sessions said...

Hey Anthon! im sorry to hear that you are having those problems... This too shall past, but anyway I just got from happy hour at the fireplace and im kinda fucked up but I had to add one thing about the sissy who is making Resv. via Monaga website. you are right about the IP address see its like a phone number every computer have one and it gives all kind of information about that computer... Location address and sometimes an email address.. Dumb fucks dont every know about the IP address let alone how to send a blind copy email. forgive me if i stepted on any toes if so I hope it hurt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, Sorry to hear that you continue to be bothered by the DR-ama. But you know how to deal with it. On the other hand. You mean to tell me that I did not have to have sex with all those boy's you told me about or that I did not have to go to all those club's. Damn the money I could have saved. Just Kidding!
Well keep your head up and out of the rain. Atleast now with you new hairdo you won't have a bad hair day. Hope to see you soon.
Much Love to ya, Scott~