Thursday, October 13, 2005


Okay, so it's been a while, but I'm back.

* Been feeling a little icky lately. As in many parts of the States, it has been raining like crazy here. I mean raining. I have been feeling very lazy and not wanting to do SHIT! But, of course I have to keep it going. Had another power surge at my building and blew out another microwave. Called the owner about it and she didn't return my calls, so I went over to her place of business and kinda got just a little "ignant." I don't recommend it, but unfortunately sometimes you have to. It's like when you buy a warranty on some item the store is all happy to sell it, but just don't come in trying to make good on it. I guess that is what has been getting me down, there are so many small thing wrong with the building and I am tired of fighting with this woman about it. I mean, is it my fault that she built the building and she didn't the shit right?

Before I moved to the DR I did a lot of research, read books, talked with Dominicans in NYC, etc. The recurring theme throughout was about how Dominicans didn't exactly have the best work ethic. I just refused to believe it. I thought, I am going to find educated, smart Dominicans and pay them a generous wage and I will show everyone. NOT!!!!! I used to read some of the comments on DR1 about doing business with Dominicans and thought, come on, it can't be that bad. It is, believe me. Now, I still LOVE the country, but I tell 'ya these motherfuckas will drive you to drink, A LOT!

* The other day I was pulled over by the police. It seems the car I was driving didn't have the proper sticker. I thought, okay, give me the ticket. But no, here they TAKE your license and you have to go pick it up at some office way over in west bumfuck. Okay, I thought I would reason with him, I mean the ticket was only for RD$20 pesos (65 cents!!!!). I then told him I was a tourist and leaving the next day, he didn't budge. Very nice (and cute!) about it, but he still took my license. Now, if I had listened to the people on DR1 I would only have a copy of my license. Lesson learned.

* Lawrence Goldsby, former owner of the Phoenix Bar, is here staying at the Monaga Apartments. It is really nice having him here. We have been catching up and I have been telling him about the drama that has been going on since he left. Fortunately, he keeps in contact with a few people and was giving me some good gossip. I am going to do an interview with Lawrence and post it here very soon. He's quite happy being back in England and he no longer drinks. To those that know him that is very good news. More later.

* There have been a string of robberies here lately. Not the pull out the gun and give me your money thing. The rage here is the snatch (from a motorcycle). David Lee had his chain snatched from around his neck in his neighborhood, which is pretty safe. And a client of Monaga's, Nena, had her purse snatched by a motorcycle bandit, all within days of each other. Fortunately, Nena was very smart, she only had her bank card and some cash on her (though it was still traumatic). She left her safe key hidden in her room. I think that is a good lesson. Don't walk around with ALL your credit cards, passport, or any other items of importance. LEAVE THEM IN YOUR SAFE. I don't know about all hotels, but at the Caribe Colonial if you lose your safe key it is $200 (U.S.) to have a locksmith open the safe and replace the lock. Food for thought.

* I have a rrrrrreeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy nosey neighbor that has a business across the street from The Monaga Apartments. He makes Mrs. Kravitz (from Bewitched) look disinterested. I knew moving onto a new block I would have to get to know people all over again. But this motherfucka was starting to get on my nerves. When I first moved in I went around and introduced myself. Some people will like you, and some won't. What can you do? The guy across the street is a tailor and so I went over and asked how much would it be to have some pants made. Thought I would ingratiate myself that way. Then I noticed he would bring a chair out with some friends and stare. I mean like he was in a trance. When people came from the airport he would come out of his shop to look. I mean, all we were doing was taking luggage out of the van, nothing too exotic. I thought he would get over it and go about his business. So, what I have decided to do is fight fire with fire. I now make it a point to come out when he is there, and do the same thing, STARE. He is now getting the point, now he pretends he is not looking and looks out the side of his head. He'll get over it. I went through the same thing in my old place. When I used to go into the colmado (bodega) people would stop talking and stare at me. I felt like Boo Radley (from To Kill a Mockingbird), but I have better coloring.

* I was contacted recently by Roy Arias, a Dominican living in NYC involved in the theater. Roy found my website and was intrigued by it. He is the head of a small theater in NYC and will be producing a play that has a character who is a buggaron. He and I had a great conversation and once everything is finalized I will be writing more about Roy and his play (along with other productions). Again, stay tuned.

* Okay, here is a blind item. There is a queen that has an apartment here, who was supposed to move out by May 30, 2005. He has not moved out and now they have put a lien against his passport. He will be allowed in to the country, but he won't be allowed to leave until this legal matter is resolved. Unfortunately, this person has a severe alcohol problem and sometimes loses grip on reality. He has accused everyone of being out to get him, and now NO ONE wants to be bothered with him. I received a forwarded email the other day where this person was trashing me beyond belief. He says that I'm really just an "apartment manager" and the owner of my building has decreed that I'm not allowed to live here, also that I didn't pay rent on my last building for 10 months, etc. Those were just some of the nice things. But, I wonder, what does that have to do with you moving your mattress, fan and the multitude of empty liquor bottles out of your former apartment? Oh well, I said this would happen. Tell you what, when they come to kick in the door I promise to take your fan and give it a good home. By the way, how's your "foundation" doing?


jh/fl said...

I see you're featuring another one of my husbands this week. Isn't anything sacred anymore?

Anonymous said...

You can not go on posting like this whenever you feel like it. There must be some method to your madness! Every morning, I turn on my coffee-maker and my computer. Then, with hot coffee in hand, I go to your blog hoping to find some new entry, but instead, I get the same old, tired information from a week ago! This ruins my day completely! Please try posting more every day...or at least every three days. Inquiring minds want to know what is happening in Santo Domingo! BTW, I hope to be in Santo Domingo next month, so I will be in touch with you. Take care and be well!
From Puerto Rico,

Monaga said...

Rafael, I promise to start blogging more. I'm just working on a project now AND because of all of the rain we had a major leak that I'm in the process of getting repaired now, if only it would stop raining.

JH, I only post the pictures that my photographers send me. What can I say?

jh/fl said...

I think that it may be time for a reality check. I'm a relative new traveler to the DR.(one year) I was warned by several seasoned travelers not to freely give out my home phone number. When told this my first thought was they're just jealous, they just want all the good men for them self's. After all I'd just been fucked into oblivion and even more fascinating than that is; that they all said that they LOVED me, in fact one said "me love you very, very much." When you're like me on the down side of 50 hearing these words are almost unheard of in the USA even after paying their fee.
I've been home about four weeks now and here are some excerpts from some of the phone calls that I've recieved.1.My baby is in the hospital and they want give him to me until I pay money. 2. My rent is due and if I don't have the money by 5 o'clock they will put my things in the street. 3. I may have a job at the airport but I need money to buy pants, shoes, shirts and a tie. 4. My mother needs an operation if she does not get it she will die. I have no one to help me but you. 5. Me hungry, me no eat in three days. 6. This call came in about five this afternoon. My brother is very sick and needs a blood transfusion. Then he said in perfect English I need $100.00 to save my brother. Am I the only one getting these kind of phone calls or am I only picking the men with pending emergencies?

Monaga said...


if you had read my earlier blog post about buggarons you will see that I mentioned what you are talking about. You got to meet some different people. The next time you are here I promise to make some introductions.


Mark KC said...

Alright Anthony, JH is not the only special girl, I want intro's too! Ha

Mark KC said...

JH/FL what is going on? Sounds like you have disrupted the whole economy of that island! Babies are held for ransom at hospitals in the DR? Hmm..they better go ask some body.