Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tropical Depression Alpha

It has been raining very steadily for the last day and it is expected to rain even more tonight and tomorrow. I´m here at the mall (Mega Centro) checking my email. Verizon has a problem with the DSL in my neigborhood, so I have not had DSL for the last week. I tried to sign up for dial-up in the meantime, but then I would have to give up the DSL. Of course none of this makes sense. Hopefully I will be and running soon.

Went to a party for Lawrence Goldsby, former owner of the Phoenix bar, yesterday and it was very interesting. Took many pictures and will be posting them tomorrow, God willing.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you'll all be safe and not experience any damage from all these storms.

Consider youself lucky to be in a warm climate Anthony! They just annouced the first NorEaster of the year in New England and parts of Massachusetts are preparing for 3 inches of snow. I am sure you miss cold and snow! Am I right? haha