Friday, November 25, 2005


Photos from top:
1. (L to R) David B., David Lee, Jose, Christian & Koki enjoying dinner
2. Thanksgiving spread
3. Jerry Gibbs, David Lee & Sylvester Paige
4. Orlando Aroba, owner of Parios
5. Robinson, bartender at Parios


New Wave Black Man said...

Excellent post. Made me wish I had been there this year. It seems like everyone is getting along down there. Hope it continues. Thanks for taking the high road Anthony.

Mario Sessions said...

WOW from what I can see it was a very nice Thanksgiving Dinner nothing like last year. Keep up the good work See you in March for my Birthday event March 10-13

Anonymous said...

As always, it was a so nice to be at my second home and always there to support my family and my best friend and business partner David Lee. Make sure you all come down for the upcoming Holidays. David Lee thanks for everything.....
David Brownlee aka:Davanita

David said...

The pictures are very nice.
I especially like the picture of Jerry, David and Sylvester.
And tropical fruit cobbler sounds yummy.

Anonymous said...

are orlando or robinson of parios " in the life" both are handsome!