Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos from top to bottom:
1. Stripper from Parios
2. Stripper from Parios
3. Stripper from Parios
4. Stripper from Parios
5. Rev. Phil Matthews @ the Men's Christian Night
(along with interpreter)

I pray everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was very nice.

First things first. Wednesday was a very busy day. Lawrence Goldsby left to go back to England, after staying with us for almost 6 weeks. It was a pleasure having Lawrence with us and I miss him already. Thanks for everything you have done for me Lawrence, and come back soon.
Wednesday night I went to the Men's Christian night services, sponsored by the MCC Church of Washington, D.C. I was very pleasantly surprised. Very nice service, many Dominicans there and the message was not preachy, but very positive. I encourage everyone to stop by the next time they are here. Thanks Phil and Tim for inviting me.

I then had to come back to the apartment building, as there was a problem with an air-conditioner that had to be fixed. I was not able to make it to Parios for the party he had, but I sent my camera to get a few pictures for you. Thanks Jose Luis! From there it was on to the Sports Bar. Nice crowd, but nothing like I was expecting.

Today (Thursday) was busy getting things ready for a great Monaga client, Keith B. Just hanging out with everyone staying here and making sure everything was running okay. Then went over to Jay-Dee's where Jerry Gibbs, David Lee & Sylvester Paige were putting on a Thanksgiving spread. It was absolutely wonderful. The food, service and conversation were great. Jerry's restaurant is really very nice and from what I hear, the food is top-notch. One thing is for sure, his staff is on-point and very professional. Sylvester really outdid himself this time. The consensus was that the food was really great and I enjoyed everything, ESPECIALLY the tropical fruit cobbler. Delish!

From there I went to the Sports Bar and it was packed! Many people in town and some really beautiful Dominican men were in the house. As I have another guest coming tomorrow I had to depart, but my guests went on to Jay-Dee's to get their party on.
I saw Mark Harris at the Sports Bar. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and because I am very thankful for all the great people I have in my life I went over and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. In the spirit of giving thanks I decided to remove the blog entry about him. Happy Thanksgiving, Mark.

More later!

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your keeping us informed of what is happening in Santo Domingo through your blog. That is something else that I gave thanks for this year! I am glad to see that you are all having a great time and it seems that things are just getting started for this holiday season!
From Puerto Rico,