Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This and That

* Tonight (Wednesday) is the opening night of the Thanksgiving celebration put together by David Lee, Jerry Gibbs and Orlando Aroba. There will be an opening reception at Parios Bar, which is also where you can purchase tickets to the Thanksgiving dinner at CafE'cletico, prepared by Sylvester Paige. Of course we will be providing commentary and photos from the different festivities. Have been seeing many old faces, along with many new faces. Saw Joe Green and he told me he came down just so that he could support David, Jerry and Orlando. He promises to be at every event.

* Before the opening night reception there will be a service at the Church of the Ephiphany. The church is located on Avenida Independencia #253, in the Gazcue section of Santo Domingo. The service will be oficiated by Rev. Phillip Matthews. Rev. Matthews is from the Metropolitan Church of Washington, D.C., which ministers to many in the Gay community.

* Want to give a shoutout to some new Monaga friends: Rick Pierce from Saskatchewan; John K. from Miami; Allen from New Jersey; Anthony from Atlanta; Andy from Puerto Rico and everyone else who has stayed with us recently.

* Found a new interview subject, Sean. Sean lives in San Pedro Marcoris and goes to medical school there. He comes into the city every now and again, and we have a great time. I think he has a great story and will bring it to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony, Just wanted to drop a not and wish you and all the friend's that I have made and the people that I have meet in the DR a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.
And I will see you soon.
Much Love to ya, Scott~

Anonymous said...

What up Anthony!! Wishing a very, very Happy Thanksgiving. I truly wish I was there now. It's 34 degrees here in KC. Brrrrrr.
Take it easy,

Mark (KC)