Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy 41st Birthday to Me!

Photos from top:
1. Jerry Gibbs, owner of Cafe'cletico presenting me with a bottle of Moet & Chandon
2-4. Entrees on the menu @ Cafe'eclectico

Saturday was my 41st birthday, and though I had not planned anything special it turned out to be a really great day. I'm blessed to have many people who care about me. I received many birthday greetings from my friends and for that I'm grateful.

The day was uneventful. I decided to take a nap at about 5pm, 'cause I knew it was going to be a long night. I told Patricia, one of my employees, to PLEASE wake me up before she left at 6pm. Well, dear Patricia didn't. Gerardo storms in at 8:15pm screaming let's go, you're late. As I get up I was fuming, because I told everyone to be at the restaurant at 8pm, and I still had to shower and get ready. Several messages had been left asking where I was and I called back to say I would be there very soon. Fortunately, the restaurant is only 4 blocks away.

I had my birthday dinner at Jerry Gibbs' restaurant, Cafe'cletico. I didn't know exactly how I was going to celebrate my birthday, then Jerry sent me an invitation to have dinner at his restaurant. As people asked me what I was going to be doing I told everyone to come there and eat and enjoy my birthday with me. I also thought it would be good for many people to experience Jerry's restaurant. As many know (and you can tell from the pictures!), I love to eat, and I like letting everyone know about good restaurants, especially in the Colonial Zone. You must check out Cafe'cletico the next time you are in Santo Domingo. The decor, food and service are top notch. Jerry has a great attentive staff and food is very good, not to mention the desserts. (I'm in love with the Shrimp Bisque!)

To start the evening off Jerry presented me with a bottle of Moet, a gift from Dr. Billy Jones and his partner, from NYC. How could they possibly know that I just adore champagne! After dinner we popped it open and toasted a great meal and conversation. I want to thank Jerry and his staff for starting my birthday celebrations off on a very high note. I also want to thank everyone who came by, especially Curtis, John, Danny, Ruedi, Scott, Raleigh, Jermaine, Kenny, Gerardo and my clients who were staying here at the building. Thanks all!

After the restaurant we stopped in at the Sports Bar, where David Lee had a cake waiting for me. Everyone sang happy birthday and I cried and told them how much I loved them all, for loving me, of course. Okay, just kidding, but it was very nice and festive. I love working my birthday for free drinks and they were coming fast and furious.

From there it was on to Jay-Dee's, where the crowd was getting the party started already. Koki even bought me a Cosmopolitan and I signed autographs and accepted felicidades from my many fans. I also saw Robert B., who just purchased an apartment in the Colonial Zone and is turning it into a showplace. The former hard-headed tenant wouldn't recognize it.

My next stop was Arena, where I was met at the door by Kelvin, the manager at Arena, who ushered us right in. Arena was packed and HOT as hell! I found me a space on the floor to get some air and then proceeded to down some more Cosmos. By this time, I was getting tired and just a LITTLE drunk. Then my bartender, who I have a crush on, just started talking to me and making my drinks stronger and stronger, until I had to switch to H2O.

Then it was on to Paco's for my usual Spanish Omelette washed down with a Zapote con leche. Delish! We finally strolled in about 5:45am this morning and I woke up refreshed and in love with the world at about 2pm today, but boy was my breath stinking!

Happy birthday to me!

P.S. I'm sorry about the deodorant stain on my shirt in the photos. Fuck!


Anonymous said...

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anthony. I knew it was coming yet I still managed to overlook it - unintentionally of course. We'll get out for another dinner at Charlie y Christian's when I get back - probably in March - after DIH.

Keep it up, Sweet Boy...and have a Happy Christmas and a GREAT 2006.


Shitzz & Grins said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at our place.
What a fantastic Birthday! Are you feeling a little spoiled?
You know the deodorant looked like some funky lighting was going on until you said something. Remember, always blame the camera.
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Shitzz & Grins said...

I was just blog jumping (click where it says next blog at top right). I fell over laughing when I read your comment about sexy guys that "In the process I would have see some really good-looking men take off their clothes, and dance very poorly".
I'm feeling it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony-Please accept my belated BD wish and I can't wait to see everyone in 9 days. Yes, I am counting...Spoke to David for about an hour yesterday, so I was brought up to speed on all the happenings. See you at your place and see EVERYONE at the Sports Bar.
Love David (aka Davinta)

Anonymous said...

Anthony, wishing you belated Birthday from your friends in Houston, Jim Ludwig, Al, and Bill!
We cant wait to see you March. Like to buy you a belated drink! xxx

Anonymous said...

Add my birthday wishes to the rest. I'm glad to that you had a great time. Sometimes, unplanned events turn out better than if you had planned them. God willing, I will be there on the 28th as planned...dinner's on me at Jerry's restaurant! Did you get me the pillows that I asked for?
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

How it is "my bartender"
he is my boyfriend Gregorio.

Mr. Washington said...


Anonymous said...

¡Te deseo un muy feliz cumpleaños y que recibas muchos regalos, besos y abrazos!

Anonymous said...

Anthony happy birthday!!!! You look great!! Happy Birthday again and many more!!

Mark (KC)