Sunday, December 18, 2005

Photos from top:
1. Decadent chocolate cake from Cafe'cletico
2. Another decadent dessert from Cafe'cletico


Mario Sessions said...

Wow Anthony I see you had a great time im so greatful that i have you as a friend you mean so much to me again happy birthday! to the best friend in 2005 Mr Anthony Montgomery!! you better work!!!!!

PS. for the gurl that say im always posting... eat me! sorry Anthony I had to do this ...she dont know me like you do somebody tell her... "I've been around the world twice and spoke to everyone once"

Anonymous said...

These desserts look absolutely wonderful! I must try them when I go to Santo Domingo in 9 days and counting!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Mario, cut it out and let it go. I don't know you either, but....many of us have traveled extensivly and we act like it. LET IT GO!