Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Last night I was invited to dinner at a beach house in Guayacanes, which is the next small town east of Boca Chica. I had heard of Guayacanes before, but never had the pleasure of visiting. The owner of the house also owns the store Basquiat, in the Colonial Zone. I have raved about the store in this blog many times, and if you see the house you understand just how creative and talented they are. The wife is Italian, and is a architect and artist. The husband is from the Canary Islands in Spain. They work on several projects here in the DR, but they are also the decorators for the Iberostar hotels here and in Cuba and Mexico.

There house, or compound, is just an oasis from all cares and troubles. As we sit in the living room you can hear the ocean waves coming ashore. Because it was nighttime I was not able to get any decent beach shots, but literally you come out the back door and you are just feet away from the Caribbean Ocean. What a life!

I needed someone to go with me, so I took my good friend Tyson. We both had a great time and just marveled at their home and how welcoming and inviting it was. 90% of everything in the home was made by them.

So I will say it again, the next time you are in Santo Domingo you MUST stop by Basquiat. And, if you are looking for a beach to go to and you are like me and do not like Boca Chica, just keep driving until you reach GUAYACANES. I promise you will love it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful dwelling. It is so individual and unique. I am going to be decorating a newly purchased condo in Sto. Dgo. and will definitely check out Basquait.
By the way, was the shop named after the famed American artist?

John K said...

The house is really beautiful. One of the artists from the outdoor Christmas art fair said he was from Guayacanes, but I wasn't sure where it was, so thanks for giving us a sense of where it is, Anthony. The post about Brangelina was great too. I bet she had more security around her than the UN peacekeepers do when she went to Haiti. The news actually featured some tape of her with Wyclef Jean over there, but I wasn't sure if she was actually in Haiti or if the news media were just making things up.